Rampaging Rants: ESPN

So believe it or not, ESPN is really the world-wide leader in sports.  However, they did not get that way by just reporting on sports, oh no, they also are known for their classic “make something out of nothing” stories, and unfortunately get viewership from it.  Do not get me wrong, I enjoy ESPN, to a […]

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Rampaging Rants: Us Humans

Okay, I know this headline is a little shocking, but that is the point.  Now my rant isn’t necessarily based around the fact that I hate people, far from it.  If that was what I came here to do, then I would not be talking sports.  No, my rant is centered around us humans and the […]

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Golden Ball: Top 3

Howdy, this is the Post Up, back with another amazing article about sports.  In today’s article, we will be looking at the top 3 contenders for the Golden Ball.  The Adidas Golden Ball is essentially the MVP trophy for the World Cup.  Therefore, we will be breaking down the top 3 candidates for this award […]

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