Bad News Bears

The Bears are in a feel fall, and with each passing week gravity is pulling them closer and closer to reality: This is not a good team. It may be difficult to hear, but there is no greater sting in life than the truth. At 3-5, the bears will look to come back after the […]

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NFL Predictions: Week One

Sup, so in a few days the most beautiful words will be spoken in homes across America, “Are You Ready for Some Football!?!”  I, for one, am extremely excited, so I will be predicting the first eight match-ups for Week One of the new NFL season.   Green Bay Packers v. Seattle Seahawks: So we […]

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Rampaging Rants: ESPN

So believe it or not, ESPN is really the world-wide leader in sports.  However, they did not get that way by just reporting on sports, oh no, they also are known for their classic “make something out of nothing” stories, and unfortunately get viewership from it.  Do not get me wrong, I enjoy ESPN, to a […]

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New Challenge, Same Kid

Seriously?  The whole reason you went from being a Top 3 pick to being picked 22nd overall by the Cleveland Browns is because of stuff like you did against the Redskins.  But people, I am getting ahead of myself, let us go back to the humble beginnings of the hype that is ‘Johnny Football.’   This […]

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