We, here at Post Up, are massive basketball and sports fans in general.  We are looking to live the dream by writing about sports for a living.  We are starting with basketball and then moving into other sports (Baseball, Football, Hockey, European Soccer) as the months continue on.  We hope that you, the reader, can share in that dream with us by giving us continual feedback about what we are doing.  That means commenting on posts about your opinions, as well as commenting on posts about ideas you would like us to explore.  You can also direct message us on either Facebook or Twitter if there is a topic you want us to look at, feedback, etc.  We here at Post Up really want the community of our readers to feel like they have a voice, so help us give you that voice.  Please follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.  We promise to give you unbiased and sound arguments and we ask that you do the same with your comments.  Thank you everyone for your support!


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Also help us bring you better content! We are not afraid of criticism but understand that our resources are limited. Donate to assist us getting better equipment so we can produce better videos and create an overall better experience. we are grateful for anything, so believe me every bit counts! Thanks in advance!

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