NFL Predictions: Week One (Part 2)

So the other day we looked at the first 8 games for the NFL season and I gave a brief description on both and decided who will most likely win.  We will continue that trend with the other 8 games for Week One.


Washington Redskins v. Houston Texans:


So in the next set of games we have two teams that two years ago were on top of the footballing world.  On one side we have the Redskins, who are a pretty good all around team, but RGIII is having issues putting it all together again.  On the other side, we have the Houston Texans, who again are a very good all around team, but do not even have a quarterback.  This is a tough game to decide because it really can go either way, but I think RGIII will find himself again and that is why I am picking the Redskins.


Tennessee Titans v. Kansas City Chiefs:


The Titans are an upcoming team, but are a little farther along than the likes of the Jaguars and Raiders.  The Chiefs were on of the better teams in the league last year, and had one of the best running backs last year in Charles.  The Titans are far from figuring it out, especially with Jake Locker as their quarterback.  That is why this is a relatively easy choice to go with the Chiefs.


New England Patriots v. Miami Dolphins:

Mike Wallace, Steve Gregory

The Miami Dolphins are what every rebuilding team aspires to be right now.  They have a pretty good, young quarterback, their offense has some weapons, and their defense has the potential to be one of the better ones in the league.  This team could surprise a few people this year, but they will not be surprising the Patriots.  A division rival, the Pats know what to expect.  Combine that with an experienced, and yet youthful defense, and the ever stable Tom Brady, and you should expect a cushy win for the Patriots.


Carolina Panthers v. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

Panthers vs Bucs-455-304

The Bucs have everything that it takes to be an elite team in this league.  They have a very good defense, a very good offense, and the only real question mark that glares at you is the quarterback position.  Even still Glennon looks like he has the entangles to be great.  However, they are not there, and are trying to put it all together with a new head coach in Lovie Smith.  The Panthers seem to be going the opposite way however.  Newton is hurting, the offense has no weapons, and people are leaving the team left and right.  That being said, I am going to go with a bit of a shocker and pick the Bucs to beat the Panthers.


San Francisco 49ers v. Dallas Cowboys:


The 49ers have issues out the ears right now, and they are all on defense.  One guy after another is getting suspended and that will not help in their race to beat the Seahawks.  However, they still have a very good defense, and a decent offense.  The Cowboys, well they really only have Dez Bryant in my eyes.  The Cowboys are not a very good team, and yet every year they are treated as such.  Regardless, the 49ers should have no trouble beating up on the Cowboys in Jerry’s World.


Indianapolis Colts v. Denver Broncos:

Denver Broncos versus the Indianapolis Colts

An exciting match-up from last year, when we saw the Colts beat the undefeated Broncos in Manning’s homecoming.  However, do not expect that to be anywhere near the same story.  The Colts are a very good team, and have only gotten better since last year.  However, the Broncos are at home, and have improved immensely on both sides of the ball, especially defense.  With the likes of Sanders on offense, and Ware leading your team on defense, it makes for a bad time.  The Broncos should be looking to start the season strong, and will, by beating the Colts.


New York Giants v. Detroit Lions:


So for our first Monday Night game, we have the Lions and the Giants.  The Giants were floundering hard in the preseason, and nothing really seemed to be clicking on any side of the ball.  Not to mention they also lost their running back to an unfortunate injury.  The Lions, much like the Bucs, are a team that has everything to be elite, but they lacked discipline and concentration, which is why they too have a new head coach.  The Lions are easily the better team, and being at home, expect a good showing and win from the Lions.


San Diego Chargers v. Arizona Cardinals:


The final game of Week One sees the Cardinals face the Chargers in beautiful Arizona.  On one side, we have the Chargers that still seem to be figuring things out.  They have very good pieces all around, but last year you thought that they could have brought a little more to the table.  The Cardinals, however, seemed to shock everyone with how well they played and even how they beat the Seahawks at home.  The Cardinals are now starting to jell even more after being together, and while there are a few big injuries, I expect the Cardinals to take the final game of Week One.




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