Gotta Snatch ‘Em All

Today  (Thursday 9/04/14) kicks off the start of the 2014-15 NFL season. For those who are into fantasy football, its the time of year you crave to finally have something to do during the lull hours of work. This season there are a lot of players who are looking to do their regular expected amount of damage. But for those combing the dessert after the draft, here are a couple of players who are new to the spotlight, and have a ton of potential. This is not quite a sleeper list because these players are expect to make an impact. These are lists of players that are probably on a roster in your league where the owner does not know that player’s full wealth. Take this in stride, nothing in definite in football. These are good gambles to to make- make the trades happen so that you can get a piece of that fantasy football victory pie. Here is my list of MSPs- most snatchable players:


Bradin Cooks – WR New Orleans Saints


It is never wise to take a rookie early. It is also never wise to start that rookie either. Yet each week in preseason Bradin Cooks is looking more and more like a WR3 and WR2. Give him a couple of games into the season, but the Saints have listed him as the 3rd wideout, and on a team like the Saints he will get the chance to make a couple of big plays. He wont be going up in the middle too often- at 190 and at 5’10 he is more likely to have big play potential beating players down the field. Look for him to be your flex come early season. Still a great player to grab, if he can live up to the hype he will only be of benefit, especially if you are low or short on WRs.

Potential fantasy football outcome: 150+ points

Jeremy Hill – RB Cincinnati Bengals

Jeremy Hill, Hue Jackson

With Ben Jarvis Green Ellis out of Cincinnati, it is time for the rise of Giovani Bernard. Bernard will have a great fantasy football year, but running right behind him is Jeremy Hill, who has the opportunity  to make a real impact, especially in red-zone area. While I will never wish a player  harm should Bernard get injured, the drop off will not be far. Keep a keen eye on Jeremy Hill, could prove to be a viable flex should things develop in a different way where the Bengals are able to develop. The Bengals could use him in end zones, and that may be enough to earn a start. Look to scoop him up if you have not already.

Potential Fantasy Football outcome:  110+ points

Andre Ellington – RB Arizona Cardinals

Andre Ellington

Ellington is a young RB on a growing Cardinals offense. Last season the offense suffered from a Rashard Mendenhall who was unable to perform; Ellington looks to provide the Cardinals with a more consistent run game. Ellington can catch, can run up the middle and on the outside, and is alright at pass blocking. Look to him to have a big season this year- has the potential to be a  mid RB1 or hign RB1 depending on how well the Cardinals can make strides on offense.

Potential Fantasy Football outcome: 180+ points

Jeremy Maclin – WR Philadelphia Eagles 



Maclin was out last season due to a ACL  tear that caused him to miss the entire season. Now that he is back and with Jackson gone, he is the new high flier in Philly. He is quick and fits the wide receiver that Chip Kelly loves- guys with big play potential. Couple that with the play of Nick Foles and the constant threat of LeSean McCoy, Maclin can prove to be a solid WR1. For now, he is a Mid WR2 or a high flex until his season pans out.

Potential Fantasy Football outcome:  175+ points

Markus Wheaton- WR Pittsburgh Steelers


Mike Wallace and Emmanuel Sanders both benefited from the receiver position Wheaton is in. Wheaton has huge potential to come out and make an impact this season. Big Ben has a tendency to lean on one wide receiver, and should Wheaton earn Roethlisberger’s trust he may prove to be a decent WR2. If you are in a pinch, maybe even a low end WR1. But this only happens if he can make the impact that Wallce and Sanders have provided Roethlisberger. Things looked good in preseason, so don’t be surprised for the same results. Also keep in mind that the Steelers under the Big Ben era have never been much of an offensive pass threat. So pick your poison when it comes to going after Wheaton.

Potential fantasy football outcome: 145+ points

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