Rampaging Rants: ESPN

So believe it or not, ESPN is really the world-wide leader in sports.  However, they did not get that way by just reporting on sports, oh no, they also are known for their classic “make something out of nothing” stories, and unfortunately get viewership from it.  Do not get me wrong, I enjoy ESPN, to a certain extent.  It is when they go outside the realm of good reporting, and start to make up stories that are not there that they start to infuriate me.



This past weekend is a prime example of the nonsense reporting that ESPN is known for.  Michael Sam, the St. Louis Rams linebacker, has received a lot of press because he is the first openly gay athlete to play in a professional sport.  It is really cool, inspirational, etc. that he is doing this, however, ESPN is not one to let you forget about it.  Once Sam came out to the public, it was a media hailstorm from ESPN up and through the draft.  Even after the draft, ESPN was finding ways to talk about Sam and how he was adjusting as a gay athlete.  Things seemed to be quieting down and then suddenly we had Sam demolish Manziel time and again this past weekend in preseason football.  Unfortunately for Sam, his success on the field brought ESPN crawling back to report on his sexual preference.  The following Monday ESPN was stationed outside of the Rams training facility and they had a reporter out there talking about Sam and how he is adjusting to being a gay athlete and, more notably, his showering habits.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!  ESPN are you really that desperate for news that you decided to comment on the man’s showering habits?  If you aren’t in need of stories to report then why look for one that is not there!  No one flipping cares if Sam is gay or not!  EVERYONE IS LITERALLY OVER IT EXCEPT FOR YOU!  It is absolutely pathetic that ESPN can honestly stand there and say this is a news worthy story.  ESPN did not piss of me, however, many were outraged that ESPN did a story like this, including one of Sam’s teammates Chris Long who tweeted:


Mr. Long is 100% right, everyone is over it except for ESPN.  However, Micheal Sam is not the only one to fall victim to an ESPN firestorm of nonsense reporting.  From former players like Tim Tebow, to current players like LeBron James, ESPN cannot get enough of these guys.  The reason is because they are all polarizing in their own way and that allows ESPN the ability to make up stories and get away with bad reporting because they know people want to hear more about these people.



Fortunately, times are changing in the world we live in.  People are starting to catch on to ESPN and the terrible reporting that they spit out, plus with the creation of new sports channels, people also have a way of escaping their idiocy.  I, for one, know many people who do not watch ESPN anymore with the way they “report” news and how they favorite basketball and football over all other sports.  ESPN is still a decent sports company and their website is a great source of information, heck I use them a lot to write these articles.  However, their live reporting is strongly lacking and that is what is turning people off.  If ESPN can get their act together and not focus on Johnny Manziel taking a dump, and start reporting on other sports like hockey, baseball, soccer, etc. then they will become reputable again in my eyes.  Until then, they are just a money hungry organization looking for the next “big” story to gain viewership.





Thanks for reading!



All information courtesy of bleacherreport.com

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