PUFFL: 2014-2015 Preseason Power Rankings Cont.

As we continue will our fantasy football league preseason rankings, I have to stress a couple of things. To those actually in the fantasy football league- do not get discouraged with your preseason rank. It’s only an opinion, an estimate based on numbers that technically speak do not even exist. It is simply me look at each roster analyzing the strengths and the weakness of each roster. Do not take offense but use it as an understanding of what you do as the season continues. It is not  how you start, but how you finish. Just because a team’s projected average is 120 ppg does not mean they will definitively score 120 ppg.

With that out-of-the-way, lets continue with the preseason power rankings


#7 The Champ

Owner: Malcom

Starting lineup


Expected point average (EPA): 103.5

Team Strengths:

Calvin Johnson, Alshon Jeffery and Wes Welker. Not to mention Luck at the QB spot. That over 50% of Malcom “The Champ” Coleman’s point production. Needless to say that he is going to rely on these 4 guys the entire season. Each one of these guys are capable of  exploding for a huge game, but will also give you good numbers if they don’t. Each player is also on a team where throwing the football is a way of life.

Team Weakness:

Depth: running backs could be a potential problem for Malcom.  In the case of Ryan Mathews, he had a good year before his injury occurred. Fantasy owners should be concerned with the fact the Chargers have brought in Donald Brown. The single running back situation has now become a growing committee, and the result could hurt Mathew’s numbers in the long run.  Toby Gerhart is a great prospect on a bad team. There is potential for Gerhart to have a breakout season. It is troublesome that he now plays for a team that finished last in nearly every conceivable offensive category.  While they have made repairs, they are band aids when you look at the scheme as a whole- this team is growing, and perhaps Gerhart will help them grow. We wont see the change in one season.

Team Risks:

Toby Gerhart could be the difference maker for this team- should he and the Jags come out of nowhere and make their presence known, Gerhart would be primed to have a big season. After playing under Adrian Peterson, it would be interesting to see what is picked up from that style of running offense. The pitfall in all of this is going to be consistency of the offensive line- can the line that was broken much of last year make the holes so the Jags have somewhere to go. If they can, then look out. If not then don’t sweat it.

Team Sleepers:
DeAndre Hopkins had a lackluster rookie season in the fantasy football. There were sparks of greatness, but it was overshadowed by moments of epic  uselessness. Overall, He had the rookie year you expect from a rookie. Now in his second year, it is his time to have an Alshon Jeffery type of year and come out now that he has learned the ropes. He has a good size and speed and has looked good in the first two pre season games. Hopkins has the chance to prove to take the torch from Johnson if he leaves, and this can be the season to do it.



#6 Clean Out Ur-Lacher

Team Owner: Sam


EPA= 106.9 ppg

Team Strengths:

The 2013 Superbowl. The combo of Peyton Manning  and the high-flying offense of the Broncos and the Seahawks  intense defense will provide Sam with nearly 40% of his points this season. That’s not including the amount of points he will get from Frank Gore and Jordy Nelson. The fact that He has over 50% of his points basically guaranteed makes intangibles like Crabtree  so much more threatening each game can quickly be tipped in Sam’s favor.

Teams Weakness:

Shells of their former selves- Chris Johnson, Marques Colston and Anquan Boldin. All three of these players were their own weight in gold when it came to fantasy football. Now these players struggle to make a flex spot. In the case of Chris Johnson, he has never looked the same since getting that pay-day. It is possible for him to have a come back year with the Jets. Just not likely. With Colston and Boldin both find themselves on crowded teams. It is going to be hard for those guys to make hedges on their respective teams. look for similar outputs from last season from Colston and a similar performance from Boldin.

Team Risk:

sigh. I swear, every year we expect Michael Crabtree and Percy Harvin to explode for their breakout seasons. Injuries have always slowed them down. This year may be different in the case of Crabtree- who at the end of last season looked ready to play a full season in tip-top form. If he gets injured- its the same old story as it has been for a couple of seasons now. Should he stay healthy, the look for Crabtree to be in the conversation of top 5 WR in the NFL.

Team Sleepers:

None. Sam has picked players who are either going to perform or not.










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