Scott Schwartz: Reaction to PUFFL: 2014-15 Preseason Power Rankings Pt. 1

We have a first ever on the Post Up this week- a full on response article. For those who know, we love feedback from our readers. After reading the PUFFL: 2014-15 Preseason Power Rankings, one of the owners in the draft felt that his team has potential to be elite. Now seeing as currently the Post Up is a two man operation, we did not have time to profile each team and breakdown the roster( yet) The owner of Prestige Worldwide, formally known as Scott52396, Has issued a response, explaining his thoughts on his own roster’s strengths, weaknesses, risks, and sleepers. Let us (more importantly him) what you think!


Team Strengths:


Scott had the 10th pick in the draft, so he had to reach for players earlier than he probably expected.  Getting running back Zac Stacy and wideout AJ Green are going to be the constants on his team.  Both players are expected to perform at a high level and as a result are going to provide Scott with the most points each week.


Zac Stacy originally had a threat to steal some carries with Tre Mason being drafted by the Rams but with an unimpressive preseason, Zac Stacy will get the same amount of carries he had last year.  In addition to this, Stacy has a very appealing and rare upside.  Being the big, forceful back he is, he won’t lose goal line carries to a backup like most backs in the league.



And Green is going to have probably the biggest year of a WR behind Calvin Johnson.  When comparing him to Dez Bryant and Demaryius Thomas (were ranked in front of Green), Green has two advantages.  For Dez Bryant, it’s his Quarterback.  Romo is coming off an injury and puts up decent numbers but always has a high number of sacks and interceptions.  For Thomas, it’s targets and competition.  With Marvin Jones out for at least a month with a foot injury, Green is going to have to carry the team.  This may arise some double coverage concerns but he has been double covered in the past couple years and it hasn’t stopped his production.  And with Mohamed Sanu stepping up to be a decent replacement for Jones, Dalton will have another target to rely on.  Not too mention Dalton came off his best season yet and doesn’t look like he’s missed a step getting back into routine in the preseason.


At QB, Scott has Matthew Stafford.  Was a 4th round pick on Stafford worth it?  Probably not but he personally likes the guy and can watch him play because he is stuck watching lions games at Michigan State.  But with Andrew Luck already taken, he would’ve had to gamble that RG3 or Brady would’ve been there at a later pick.  Brady has the same risks he had last year which are 1) can Gronk, his favorite target, stay healthy? And 2) can another wide receiver besides Julian Edelman catch the ball?  RG3 would’ve been a better fit for Scott in a later round but with the way he likes the scramble often, he has a high risk for injury.  Also, the Lions stepped up the passing game with replacing the sub par Nate Burleson with a respectable number two option in Golden Tate.  Tate has looked solid in the preseason and could give Stafford more options besides the BEST WR in the NFL in megatron.


Julian Edelman.  Reception whore.  Tom Brady’s only real receiver.  Call him whatever you want but he will get the same amount of targets as he did last year with Dobson and Thompkins behind him in the depth chart.  Edelman replaced Brady’s favorite receiver Wes Welker and although the talent level isn’t the same, with Edelman, Brady can make him a WR2.  Not to mention he had over 100 receptions last year and this is a PPR league.



Shonn Greene and Dexter McCluster sounds like just a McClusterf**k.  The Titans decided to get rid of Chris Johnson and start fresh with a RBBC.  But I assure you that even by mid season, it will be lead by Bishop Sankey.  He’s fast, can be a nice passing option for Locker and isn’t an old washed up back like Greene or McCluster.


At tight end, Scott has many options.  The clear favorite for the job is Gronk.  His goal is to play 16 games and he has escalated to participating in 11 on 11 drills, which is a very promising sign.  If healthy, Brady can make him a Jimmy Graham caliber TE.  He is Brady’s favorite red zone option and favorite option in general.  If he can’t return for week one, Scott drafted a safe backup in Greg Olsen.  Now that Steve Smith is gone and the rookie Kelvin Benjamin is Cam Newton’s number one option, Newton needs a red zone receiver and a target he can rely on.  I predict Olsen’s targets to skyrocket.  And lastly Dennis Pitta.  An average tight end that has had potential but has never lived up to it.  But why should he this year? Because of one man, Gary Kubiak.  He has had a history of involving tight ends. In Houston, he brought Owen Daniels out of the dark and into a productive position.  I think he will do wonders for this tight end.  He won’t be a top 5 TE but he is a good bye-week or flex position fill in.


What do DeMarco Murray, Reggie Bush and Darren McFadden all have in common?  They make frequent trips to the IR.  This isn’t a problem for the Lions though.  Joique Bell put up starting RB numbers as a backup.  Whenever Bush is injured, Bell will step up and take every down.  And 7 out of 8 touchdowns Bell had last season came from one or two yards out.  So the Lions trust Bell in the redzone to convert.  He is also a better rusher than Bush.  Bush will get receptions when healthy but Bell will overtake Bush this season as the number one by the end of the year.




Team Weaknesses:


Scott’s weakness is that he has so many good players that he doesn’t know who to play each week.  With two high caliber TE’s, he will have to play one at the flex and leave the other flex open to whichever RB or WR performs best off his bench.




Team Risks:


Scott does have a couple risks, but high risk comes with high reward.


Although Zac Stacy has a lot of upside, he has only had one productive season and the biggest question about him is if he can repeat.


Bishop Sankey is another Bang or Bust player.  With Shonn Greene and Dexter McCluster behind him in the depth chart, he has plenty of opportunity to take the starting job but he has had fumbling problems in the preseason and could end up like Stevan Ridley, unreliable.  Also, no matter how good Sankey is, Greene will almost take all of the red zone carries.



Tom Brady doesn’t have that much to worry about this year because he will have either Edelman or Gronk to throw to but when Gronk is healthy, Edelman’s value has plummeted.  His targets and receptions have gone down and he becomes Brady’s number two option.


The most obvious risk is Mr. Rob Gronkowski.  Last year, the patriots liked to put some fake fear into their opponents each week.  The pats taunted that Gronk would be back week after week but it took until half way throught the season for #TheReturn to happen.  The patriots never fully disclose their situation and so Gronk will be lethal when healthy but when will he be healthy?





Team Sleepers:

 Scott’s whole bench.


Doing your research pays off and it certainly did for Scott.  The only sleeper he didn’t get because he was taken one pick before him was Kelvin Benjamin.  But let’s analyze the sleepers he did draft.


We’ve already talked about Bishop Sankey a lot but Scott took him in the 7th round.  A starting RB that has as much potential as Sankey in the 7th round is a steal.


Next up, Bernard Pierce.  With Ray Rice suspended for having an anger problem, Pierce has already been named a starter for the first two weeks.  If he shows that he is better than Rice, he could continue to have an impact in the Ravens offensive plan.  Pierce is bigger and stronger than Rice and should earn all the redzone carries this season.

BS sp-ravens-browns-p11 lam


Scott snatched Justin Hunter, Markus Wheaton and Andrew Hawkins in the late rounds of the draft.  These players remind me of a watchable Keanu Reeves movie, the Replacements.  Justin Hunter looks to replace to troublesome Kenny Britt.  He is a deep threat and averaged a ridiculous 19.7 yards per catch.  He has already had a great preseason with a game consisting of 111 yards and two touchdowns against the Saints.  With Kendall Wright being the number one, he will have the number two CB covering him and he can burn most of them to get huge yardage plays.


Markus Wheaton replaces the combo of Jerricho Cotchery and Emmanuel Sanders on the steelers.  These two combined or 113 receptions and 188 targets that are up for grabs.  Wheaton has very nice speed and can compliment Antonio Brown in the Steelers offense.  The Steelers also brought in Lance Moore who could provide some competiton but Wheaton has had an nice preseason with a touchdown in his last game.  Also, Big Ben said he connects with Wheaton and think he will step up in a big way this year.  Just another positive sign.


And last but not least Andrew Hawkins.  This is a guy who isn’t drafted in most leagues but definitely should be.  Not bad for a second to last pick.  Hawkins is on the Browns who just named Brian Hoyer as their starting QB (thank god).  Hoyer didn’t look that good in the preseason so far but has more talent than Johnny football.  The browns WR depth chart consists of Nate Burleson and injury prone Miles Austin.  Wash-ups.  Andrew Hawkins is young and fresh and should emerge as the number one wide receiver. He has gotten a decent amount of targets and receptions so far and he’s no Josh Gordon but could provide a season with over 750 yards and a couple two-tree touchdowns.  That’s all you can ask for from a WR4/Flex/Bye Week Fill In.


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