Rampaging Rants: Idiotic Athletes

So in Tuesday’s article, there was a bit of a rant on Johnny Football and how he needs to grow up because what he is doing, both on and off the football field, is not helping the advancement of his career whatsoever.  However, he is obviously not the only athlete out there being an idiot, there are plenty of others, and worse ones at that.  Therefore the spark of anger from this article comes from the idiotic athletes out there who just refuse to obey the rules.


2014 OTAs

For those of you that could guess it, the spark of my anger comes from dumb and dumber above.  Le’Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount were arrested the other day because they were smoking weed in their car with another woman.  They were driving on the road and the officer said he could smell and see the smoke, which is why he decided to pull them over.  When pulled over, no one in the car denied that they were smoking and they all admitted that they bought it as well.  Bell and Blount were charged and we have to wait and see how the NFL or the Steelers deal with this.

Are you serious?  Like is this real life?  How stupid could you possibly be that the officer did not even need to be near you, but could smell it from a moving car?  Not only that, but how stupid are you that you just acted like there was nothing wrong when the officer was asking questions?  Bell and Blount are not even close to being the first people to break the rules of a professional sports organization, and they most certainly will not be the last.  However, as it stands, they are easily the leaders of this group with how oblivious they were with the situation.  You are in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where it is clearly illegal to smoke pot.  Even if you were in Colorado or Washington or whatever, it does not matter if it is legal there, it is illegal in the eyes of the NFL and therefore you cannot do that, PLAIN AND SIMPLE!



Honestly though, can any of these guys look me in the eye and say that a joint, a high, a moment of satisfaction is worth millions of dollars and the loss of a reputation and possibly a career?  No they cannot.  When you make it into a professional sports league, you are automatically in an elite group of people who have seen very few before them make it.  Billions try every year to make it to where these guys are, and only so few can make it and make a good living off of it.  It is by no means easy to make it as a professional athlete, and you have to work hard, and do the right things to maintain it.  Do you think that getting high is worth throwing that all away?  Sure, it starts off as a reputation thing in the beginning.  You will lose a few pay checks, a few games, and that’s it, no big deal.  However, if you keep getting caught over and over then you see a limited pool of people who want you.  If Rickey Williams is not a prime example of that, I do not know what is.  Once you get to that point, then you are losing a career, and will easily regret doing what you did in your past.


Guys, you are in an elite group of people who can make money playing a game.  Not only that, but you are a role model to kids and are always in the limelight.  The absolute greats and legends of any sport are able to follow the rules and not be stupid about their lifestyle choices.  Don’t you want that for yourself, to make the Hall of Fame and be remembered as a legend?  THEN STOP BEING STUPID!





Thanks for reading!



All stats and information courtesy of espn.com

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