Post Up Fantasy Football League: 2014-2015 Preseason Power Rankings

Last night, the Post up hosted its first fantasy football league. It was actually pretty cool- nearly everybody participated and I am grateful to all of you guys for joining the league. Now remember that I gave a full disclaimer to all of those that chose to participate- This draft is not private. You all have either knowingly or unknowingly submitted your teams to be nit-picked and analyzed all season long. So disclaimer: Don’t take offense.

We will start by giving you guys  a look at the preseason rankings. The ranking system is simple; what ever your starting player’s projected total determines the rank. Once the season starts the Power Rankings are going to be rated based on record first, points second. Do not take these ranking to heart- there is only a 13 point differential betwen 1st place and last place. Each game is still going to come down to who manages better and who gets lucky with players who have big games or sleeper hits.  Lets start from the bottom:


#10: Scott52396 

Team Owner: Scott

Starting Lineup

Scott FFL2


Expected Point Average:  100.6

Team Strengths:

Scott had the 10th pick in the draft, so he had to grab players earlier than he probably expected. Getting running back Zac Stacy and wideout A.J. Green are going to be the constants on his team. Both players are expected to perform at a high level and as a result are going to provide Scott with the most points each week.

Team Weaknesses: 

Julian Edelman and Greg Olsen are two players on the roster that have high expectations but always seem to fall short on it. With Gronk, Vereen, and Dobson back expect his number to considerably drop. As for Olsen, the Panthers are still trying to figure out their offense. He will have up and down games like most of the TEs in the league, but nothing consistent.

Team Risks:
Gronk is a big risk big reward- should he stay healthy he has the capability to put up numbers as big as Jimmy Graham. Should he get injured, he will be a dead weight. In Scott’s position, his success will hinge on Gronk’s success.

Team Sleepers:
Bishop Sankey is looking to take over Chris Johnson’s spot. He has potential to put up big numbers should he find a away into the Titan’s offense. Huge potential lucky pot of points with him.


#9 You Mad Bro?

Team Owner: Brian

Starting Lineup


Expected Average Points: 101.5

Team Strengths:

Dez Bryant and Jimmy Graham and Randall Cobb will be the work horses for this team. What Brian’s team lacks in depth it makes up for it in power. Those 3 players alone may be responsible for 45% of his points. That’s a great output from 3 players. All three of these players are on offenses that live for throwing the ball. That is always a plus.

Team Weaknesses:

QB. A large percentage of points comes from your QB, roughly about 25% of your points . Anybody that has been playing fantasy football know that when it comes to fantasy football, Brady can be as unpredictable as turrets syndrome. Would not expect him to rake in a bunch of points. Perhaps with Gronk back, Brady will play at a better level than he has been playing for the last two seasons.

Team Risks:

Trent Richardson. The Browns knew something we didn’t when they seemingly gave away Richardson for nothing. I do not foresee the running back having another bust of a season, but there is a good chance that he will not perform any better than he did last year. The ball is in his court- he has a chance on a pretty good offense to excel. It is going to take discipline and a solid effort for him to make a come back

Team Sleepers:

Sammy Watkins. All those cool catches he has been making in practices are a sign that this kid and the football are like flies on glue paper. He has an uncanny ability to find space to catch the football. On a team where not much is expected from the wide receivers, Watkins has a legit chance to stand out. Im not saying he is a shoe in for a sleeper, just don’t be surprised.


#8 Flying Pepperonies (Auto-Drafted)

Team Owner: Peter

Starting lineup


Expected Point Average: 103.5 ppg

Team Strengths:

Even though Peter auto drafted, he still has a potentially decent team. His strength lies in his running backs. Each back has the capability to explode for a big game each week. Peter is going to have to lean on them along with the strong play of Cam Newton in order to expect success.  With the addition of DeSean Jackson, expect Pierre Garcon to put up big numbers as well now that he is not the only threat for that offense.

Team Weaknesses: 

Injury Prone players. Murray,Bush and even Jackson because of his age are all very prone to getting injured. Should just one of these players go out for extended periods of time, Peter could be looking at season ending blow. Peter is going to have to build up his bench or make some trades.

Team Risks:
Demarco Murray and Fred Jackson for two different reasons. Should Murray stay healthy, he could play as well some of the top 5 RB’s in fantasy football. With one of the league’s best offensive lines, it would be hard not to. The key for him will be to be healthy. If he stays healthy, He could be the key to Peter’s victory. Fred Jackson on the other hand is on the wrong side of 30. Yet last season played well for a 30 year old RB. If he can put up similar numbers, he has potential to be the best flex Peter can get. If not, than Peter is going to be hurting lower in his  line up.

Team Sleepers:

Delanie Walker under Ken Whisenhunt could see a real improvement in play. Whisenhunt is trying to put a better spin of the Titans offense and there is a lot of room for the large walker. Look for Walker to have a similar or better year than how he played last year.










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