New Challenge, Same Kid

Seriously?  The whole reason you went from being a Top 3 pick to being picked 22nd overall by the Cleveland Browns is because of stuff like you did against the Redskins.  But people, I am getting ahead of myself, let us go back to the humble beginnings of the hype that is ‘Johnny Football.’



This whole think started back in college for Johnny Manziel.  In June 2012 he was arrested for disorderly conduct, failure to identify, and possession of a fictitious driver’s license.  Not to mention in the lead up to that arrest he had been publicly seen partying and drinking, all before he is 21.  Then in the 2013 season he was benched for the second half of the opener against Rice because of his money sign and getting a penalty for trash talking.

In the off-season of 2013 he skipped out on a few events he was supposed to attend, and was again documented partying it up.  Even after he was drafted in May, he was seen partying and rolling a monetary bill in a bathroom at a club.  After every event Johnny has usually admitted to making a mistake and saying that he has learned from it and that he will not commit these same mistakes in the future.



Then when everything was supposedly getting better, and we were only going to be focusing on the game of football and the quarterback competition that was underway, Johnny goes and flips the bird.  Now people are going to jump all over me and state that it was just the finger and athletes trash-talk all the time and he was responding and not initiating.   But this is actually a big deal, regardless of what some of the experts may think.  Now yes, the experts are right in stating that we are going nuts over this and it really is not a big deal.  But the reason that this is an issue is because it involves Manziel and we seem to go nuts over anything he does, and that is why this is a big deal.  This kid isn’t stupid, to a certain extent, he realizes that he is a big deal and the media focus is on him 24/7, and that is why he needs to be smarter about it.

Between the arrests, the partying, the possible drug use and the on-field shenanigans it all needs to stop and he needs to realize that what he is involved in is bigger than himself.  I have stated numerous times in the past that I am not a Johnny fan and it is because of stuff like this that I am not.  People point to the partying and say “he is only 22 and is a kid, let him have fun.”  That is fine, but be smart about it.  Do you see Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, Anthony Davis, Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, etc. having their faces plastered all over the media for underage drinking or drinking and partying all the time?  No, you don’t, and that is because they realize that what they are doing is bigger than their selfish ambitions.  Yes, I am also aware that trash-talking happens all the time and he is not the first to be involved and won’t be the last.  But, again, be smart about it.  Don’t go sticking up your middle finger when the world is watching, just saying something to them with your helmet on so that way we can’t read your lips.  Think of the parent who has a child that looks up to you, do you think they want their child’s role model to be losing their cool that easily and being televised responding in a crude way?  No, absolutely not.

Johnny Manziel needs to wake up and grow up fast.  All of these events need to stop immediately and he needs to start focusing on the game and not on himself and those taunting him.  He has the skills to be a great quarterback, but he is the only one holding back his true potential.  Until he realizes what he is doing is bigger than himself, do not expect anything more than another hyped up dud at quarterback.




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