Now What: Andrew Wiggins

I still believe that the Timberwolves trading Kevin Love to the Timberwolves was a huge mistake on the Wolves side. Not because Kevin Love is so good, but because they got no where near the value back. Their trade did not make them better, but questionably worse. In a trade like this, the Wolves could have gotten a lot more for Love then they received. Sure they got Wiggins, who could prove to be a very good player down the road. They also got a bumpkin in Anthony Bennett and probably a useless late round first pick. So here are with another “Now What?” Because the question still burns: What the hell should we expect from Andrew Wiggins?

andrew-wiggins-cavs-summer-league (1)

For starters, Wiggins would have really grown under the wing of Lebron James. Wiggins has a ton of raw potential, but that was the whole debate leading up to the draft – do you take players like Joel Embiid or Jabari Parker, who were more NBA ready than Wiggins, or do you take who is a gamble. His upsides are loud and clear. He is super athletic and possess the possibly of being the next elite. His flaws are as quiet as his demeanor. His inability to be aggressive, lack of experience, and  lack of fundamentals are a huge concern.  Yes, he could be a great player. But I lost all faith in the Cavs judgment ability as an organization when they wasted their number draft pick on….Anthony Bennett. Talk about an epic boner am I am right?

So all this begs the question – are 2 and a half 1st round draft picks worth Kevin Love?

My answer is always no. I do believe in Andrew Wiggins. I do believe that given a proper amount of time to grow, he will. The problem is that he would have been a better player had he stayed on the Cav roster with Lebron. Now he has to learn the rope from a young roster. Let me give you an example. Having Wiggins on a team like the Cavs is the equivalent of planting a seed around soil that you have had the best crops come from. You expect it to grow because the other ones around it have grown. This is why you planted it around rich soil in the first place.


Now Wiggins is on some rocky soil. Nothing has grown there in a while, and it isn’t clear if that is going to change. Like a plant, player growth is not all dependent on the seed, but the way it is grown.  See where I am going with this?

So now begs the infamous question we ask in sports when significant change has happened; Now What? Up

Here is what I expect. I have seen Wiggins play. He has too much talent to not be a great player in the NBA. Once his rookie contract is up, I can not see him staying in Minnesota much longer.The team is not, and will not make any provisions to make the team better. Flip Saunders will not be the coach that will grow this team properly. Don’t believe me? Look at this whole situation with Love and tell me that you have the confidence that Flip will add the pieces to this team that require Wiggins to grow and be successful. For crying out loud, Flip is the Timberwolves President, Part-owner and now coach. I do not care who you are, no one person can do all three jobs, even if you had clones. They required different mindsets and attention. You can tell the state of the roster has been neglected, because the most promising plyer the Timberwolves have is a rookie that they got via trade. That should tell you all you need to know.

This season is going to be very interesting. You have the return of Kobe, The second coming of Derrick Rose, and You have the more love able Big three. But all eyes will be on the Timberwolves to see if the move they made set them forward a couple of years or set them back. Wiggins will be under a lot of scrutiny because a lot will be expected from him his first year. I just hope those big shoulders were made to carry big expectations.

bogus wiggins

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