The Lovable Big Three?


So if you live under a rock, something big happened in the basketball world today.  Word has it that the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Cleveland Cavaliers agreed to a trade for Kevin Love.  Nothing is official because they cannot do a trade until August 24th, because of Andrew Wiggins rookie contract which does not allow for a rookie to be traded within 30 days of signing their first contract.  However, according to nearly every media outlet, the trade looks to be all but done.

The Minnesota Timberwolves will be receiving:

  • Andrew Wiggins (1st overall pick in 2014)
  • Anthony Bennett (1st overall pick in 2013)
  • 2015 first-round protected pick

The Cleveland Cavaliers will be receiving:

  • Kevin Love (who will be signing a new 5 year deal with the Cavs)

I am first going to go on record and say this is highway robbery.  This isn’t the first time the Wolves have allowed someone to take away a superstar that didn’t want to be in Minnesota anymore and got hardly anything in return.  Remember the Kevin Garnett trade to the Boston Celtics?  I mean sure, the Wolves got Al Jefferson, but literally everyone else involved in that trade was not even close to what KG was worth at the time.  Well, it is happening again in Minnesota, and they seem not to care.  Sure, Love would leave after the season regardless and they could not risk not getting anything, but you have to believe someone was offering a better deal.  The Wolves are essentially getting:

  • Anthony Bennett:  At best a decent and serviceable player in his career, but not a first overall pick he is valued at.
  • Andrew Wiggins:  An athlete first, ball player second, who I cannot see being better than Tracy McGrady and yet better than Vince Carter.  A mixture of sorts.
  • 2015 first-round pick:  Nearly worthless because the Cavs will be a top 4 team next year.

This is the best the Wolves can get for Kevin Love? 26-year-old, superstar Kevin Love?  I am sorry, but no, the Wolves are mistaken for accepting this trade.  However, not the point I am trying to make.  IF for whatever reason the Wolves decide to go through with this trade, the Cavs will be looking at a starting five of Irving, Waiters, James, Love, Varejao.  Not only is this a good-looking starting five, but they are also lovable.


Now hear me out before all of you get mad and what not.  Nearly everyone and anyone who was a basketball fan HATED the Miami Heat for a few reasons.  The major two were that LBJ left home and the way he left home with “The Decision” TV special, the other reason that we hated the Heat was that they were a bunch of superstars that got together in the off-season to make their own team.  However, we did not hate it when the Boston Celtics did it with KG because they did the major stuff through trading.

Fast forward to today, we now have a new big three involving Love, Irving and LBJ, except this one is vastly different.  This one was done very similarly to the Boston Big 3, via trade and this is where the main point of this article comes from, are they lovable?

First up to bat, we have Kyrie Irving, a very humble and hardworking point guard.  Not only is he humble, but he is relatable and enjoyable because of his Uncle Drew Pepsi commercials.  (If you have never seen them, I strongly recommend you check them out, they are amazing).  Kyrie has never cheated, or got caught doing something he wasn’t supposed too.  He works hard and plays with his heart, he is very lovable.

Next up you have Kevin Love,  HECK it is in his name that we got to love him!  But in all honesty, he is another humble superstar.  His humbleness has been compared to the likes of Derrick Rose and Kevin Durant.  The guy doesn’t celebrate to gloat, and he doesn’t shelter himself and not contribute to his team.  He is the ideal basketball player role model, and much like Kyrie, is also relatable because of his shenanigans in the Uncle Drew Pepsi commercials as Wes.

The biggest, and hardest piece of this puzzle for people to overcome is LeBron James.  Going back to what I said at the beginning of this section of the article, people hated LeBron for how he left and how he formed his own team.  LeBron now has not formed his team, because there is no way he knew that the Love deal was going to happen (it still may not) and Kyrie was already there.  He has also gone home and wrote a very heartfelt letter to the fans of Cleveland asking for forgiveness.  The fans of Cleveland, the ones who got hurt the most, have forgiven him so why can’t the rest of the basketball world do the same?  LeBron has never done anything else in his career to warrant legitimate hatred, outside of his Hall of Fame skill-set.  At the moment I am writing this, most of the world has forgiven him and he is considered the most loved athlete in the world.


Up and down, this line-up is not easy to hate.  Varejao is very well-respected around the league, Thompson and the majority of the bench is also loved.  The only true argument that someone can have against a player on this team is Dion Waiters.  It is no secret that Dion is a very selfish player that only looks out for himself, and tried numerous times to leave Cleveland when they have struggled over the past few years.  It is also no secret that he got into numerous fights with Mike Brown, the head coach last year, that resulted in him leaving practice early on a regular basis.  Now that LeBron is in town, he is demanding to start and looking to lick anyone’s boots, so long as he sees a gain for himself.  Outside Waiters however, the only argument for hating anyone on this team is because they are “a rival.”

The point I am trying to make is this, if the trade happens, will Cleveland be the most loved and star-studded team since the 90’s Chicago Bulls?  No one player, except Waiters, has done anything to garner hatred from fans, outside of rivalries.  As a matter of fact, no one player deserves blind white hate, outside of Waiters, from fans anywhere.  LeBron James has again found himself in the middle of another team dubbed “The Big 3.”  However, this time LeBron James and the team involved, the Cleveland Cavaliers, have become apart of it in a more than acceptable way and in my opinion are lovable.

Thanks for reading and shout-out to Keegan M., Malcolm C., Pete P., Scott H., and Greg B. for helping give me the inspiration to write this article!

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