Fantasy Football 102

Fantasy football. Droves of people play it, handful of them even make it to the finish line. Like I mentioned yesterday, it is not a sprint but a marathon. In theory you can draft poorly and still climb your way out of a bad situation. Today we are going to look at tips for drafting well in this year’s draft. The way you draft will set up for epic success or epic failure. It may all look intimidating at first, but when you take your time and think about the situations it all is seen as one big picture.


Know Your Draft Style 

You are either going to be conservative or reckless. Which ever way you choose to lean in make sure you have a system in place. Just because you play it safe does it mean you are more likely to win.

There are pro’s and con’s to each style.

Playing conservatively you are drafting player who you expect will provide you with a certain amount of total points. This player seldom gets injured and as a result will put up more points than explosive players who are hampered by injuries. The advantages to this process is that:

  • You are less likely to be affected by injuries
  • wont have to pay attention to the waiver wire as much
  • can utilize your bench with a lot more effectiveness.

Andrew Luck

These may lead you to victory. But only if the bottom half of your draft is as consistent as your top half. This means you probably do not have any rookies, and you probably do not have a player who was injured last year. The disadvantages as a result are as follows:

  • You are less likely to have surprise performances
  • You are predictable to your opponent.
  • The combined point total may still not be enough to pull a win

Because the outcome is going to be around the same, the likelihood of players having monster game is pretty low. Low risk players equal low risk Rewards. An example of this is Andrew Luck. Andrew Luck is going to hover around 15 p-18 points a game. Last season he only had 2 monster games. That is the kind of performance you are going to get as a result. Not saying playing conservative is a bad idea. There is just low reward.

Alternatively should you choose to  play with reckless abandon, you will either reap all the rewards or face humiliation.

The fantasy football revolves around the high risk players. These players have a tendency to make or break your team. Most of the time that tendency is enticing enough for owners to gamble on. When you are in a league for money, why not right? The advantages obviously contrasts the playing style of the conservative owner. You play big you win big. These are the players that had some kind of season ending injury but you hope that they can come back to their previous form in some way shape or form. If it works out, you are a genius. Think about how low Peyton Manning was ranked after his injury and team change. The gamble was high at his age it was not clear how well he would player. As a result he ended up in the second or 3 rounds of some drafts. He not only played the best football of his life, but one of the most historic football seasons in NFL history. High Risk, High Reward.


Understanding each draft is very different

Last year was the year of the QB. Quarterbacks played pretty well overall, some emerging like Nick Foles or Cam Newton. With the expectation that most of these players will stay healthy, This year should be no different. It is fully expectant that the Quarterbacks will all perform at the same level they did  last year. As a result, I have to advise taking a QB in the 1st or even second round is a bit risky. If you are in the latter half of your draft, then look to draft taking a quarterback in mind. Otherwise do not be that guy and take Peyton Manning with your first overall pick. You not only wasted, but you can get a decent performance from a QB that is much lower in the draft.


In other words, try not to draft a QB too early. It is a noob move you make it harder to fill out the running back slot because reliable running backs are few. Look at it this way. Taking a QB later is a much wiser move than taking one early because most QB’s can put up more than 250 points in a season. So fill out the first couple of options with players that can support their own. You are looking to spread the point total across each position. Manning is only one guy.

It will also benefit you to know your draft order.  if you are not drafting with a large pool of guys, knowing your draft helps you do Mock drafts more effectively. Depending on where you fall, you may need to rethink your strategy based on who will be available. The ideal pick would be the middle picks, because the pool of players you can obtain each round is pretty good. If you have a pick near either end of the rounds, you need to be ready to reach for some players.

Next week we will talk about tips for picking up players who may be considered sleeper picks. Hope you enjoyed and if you have any comments tips or tricks yourself, let us know!



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