Fantasy Football 101

So it is that time of year again. The time where all people can start to talk about this fantasy football. For those who don’t know what is it, you may have an idea like this in your mindpowder-puff-football

This is not the kind of fantasy football that have men so focused. We are talking about Fantasy Football, the kind where you can pretend to be the owner you make yourself up to be, and draft players in a make believe setting.

The way it works is simple. Players generate a certain amount of points based off their performance over the course of the football season. These points are totaled each week. The total amount of points becomes the team’s total. If your team’s total is higher than the other team, you get a win for the week. Teams then play until week 15, where the fantasy football playoffs begin. The championship game is the last week of the regular season.

So We are first going to look at the start of all the madness. The draft. Your draft is going to determine the type of season you have. If you draft recklessly, you will find that playing later in the year will be pretty difficult. So what are some tips to set yourself up for success? Here is the first of many.

1) Your first and second round draft picks are the most important.


As espn’s Matthew Berry wrote, your first two picks are responsible for 30% of your teams weekly points. This means that it becomes even more critical to make sure that the player you pick up is going to give you the most bang for your buck.

So how do you maximize on your first two draft picks? By utilizing ranking systems. Those ranking systems are there for a reason. They are not always perfect, but are still pretty useful. If you take a player that is ranked 40 in the first round, you have made a ballsy error. You are then saying this player who most do not believe in will out perform the best in the league. You may think my analogy is silly, but people do it all the time. What happens in the long run is that because you basically gave away that higher tiered player, you made your competition stronger. Remember it is a marathon, not a sprint.

2) Draft deep

too many time people stay in their draft until they have selected the players they want and as a result, you come back to your roster with a whole bunch of players you have never heard of before. The end result that you are not really sure what to do with the players on your bench. It pays to stay in the draft room. You may get the chance to grab a player who feel deeper than you thought. Ultimately your bench is as important as the starters. Injuries or more favorable matches may end up being the key in getting a win.

3) Free Agency / Waiver wire


The free agency is equally as important. Last season I picked up two players early in the season in one of my leagues.

Nick Foles and Le’Veon Bell. Let’s just say it worked very well. Studying the stats once the week is over is going to be a great indication for who to pick up next.

You don’t know of for sure who is going to be a flop and who is a sure thing until about week 3. Generally if a player is going to show signs of flopping he would do in the first couple of weeks. Some sleeper picks can be found on the waive as well. In other words use it. It will be of benefit for you in the long-term.

4. Do your homework

If you expect to walk into your league and win it without putting work, you are throwing pennies in the wishing well.

You need to know which players are playing against which teams. Even if you have Adrian Peterson, he won’t put up big numbers every week. It’s important to take some time just to review your line up. This is where drafting a deep bench comes in handy. Some ways you can study up for your team are looking at the trends each player is having. If a player is up on week and down the next, try to match the trend. Maybe a player strives when playing a certain type of defense. Maybe your QB is playing a team that struggles against the pass. A huge tool is using ESPN’s player bio. All information can be obtained with a simple click of the player’s name.

When doing homework, also pay attention to the percentage owned. If a player is on the wavier wire and their percentage own rate is rising, it may not be a bad idea to join in.

Trends will change from week to week. This is what makes fantasy football so much fun. Micro management.

There will be more tips and tricks to come as we approach the NFL season. If you have any tips of your own, feel free to share them here or on the Facebook page.

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