Breaking News: Finally


It has been a long time coming ladies and gentlemen, but finally we can put to rest the horrible individual that is Donald Sterling.  What has been a horrible saga for everyone to unfortunately endure, Donald Sterling is now being forced into the selling of the LA Clippers.  For those of you that live under a rock, Donald Sterling is that one guy that got caught on tape by his girlfriend being extremely racist.  In the beginning it seemed everything was going swimmingly, he kind of apologized, and then Adam Silver did his thing and banned Sterling for life, among other things.  Sterling accepted what happened with the ruling and decided he was going to sell the Clippers to the highest bidder.  All were happy.



Unfortunately, life is not that easy.  All of a sudden, when everything was clicking and people were starting to forget, Sterling lashed out.  He called out everyone that was against him and said he would fight to the death against the selling of the Clippers.  Ever since then it has been one thing or another with the Sterling saga.  His wife was trying to sell the team and get over this escapade, Sterling fought that.  The team, from the players to the coaches were threatening not to play or show up to work anymore if Sterling was still the owner come next year, Sterling did not care, in fact he went to court over the team and appealed all the rulings.



However, we finally have the closure we have been craving from all this.  Steve Ballmer, former Microsoft CEO, has agreed to the purchasing of the Clippers for roughly $2 billion.  At first Sterling fought against this and went to court.  But, the judge ruled in favor of the sale which allows Mrs. Sterling to sell the Clippers and Donald cannot do anything to stop it.  This is a shorter, and more of a breaking news type article, but I thought it would be nice to wrap up this whole thing with a short little article.  The Sterling saga has gone on long enough and been ever more disastrous as the days have gone by.  With this most recent ruling, we can hopefully look forward to this entire thing being wrapped up with a nice little bow.  Not only that, but with Sterling finally out of the picture it will make for a much happier and less annoying upcoming basketball season.




Thanks for reading!

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