But Do You Love Him?

The Cavaliers. The Cavaliers. The Cavaliers. The Cavs. Lebron. Irving. Manziel? We are going to hear a lot about Cleveland’s two teams. The Cavs are quickly becoming the new team you want to hate. They already attracted the attention of haters with the winning of the first overall draft pick. To make matters worse, Lebron James decided to come back home. If you were a Cavalier fan before 2 weeks ago, you are the only one that is looking forward to the events to come.


The Cavs are rocking the boat even further by entertaining the idea of drafting the much sought after pick Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love. Meanwhile, the Timberwolves are just chilling waiting for some sucker to pay the King’s Ransom for Kevin Love.

Don’t get it twisted. I love Kevin as a player. I think he is one of the top 3 power forwards in the game. I also don’t believe that he is worth a straight up trade of Wiggins and Bennett for just love. Wiggins has potential to be a great player, possibly a better player than Kevin Love will be. Let’s weigh the pros and the cons shall we?

Why it makes sense:
The Cavs are already in possibly the strongest division in the league. The Bulls and Pistons have made moves to strengthen their roster. Not to mention the Bucks have been quietly rebuilding their team and could make a serious to reach the playoffs. This will not be a cake walk, and they know it. Love’s Dynamic will instantly make them a favorite to make it to the NBA finals. His ability to both score from the paint and shoot from the outside will mesh well with Lebron’s facilitator role, and create a lot of space in their offense. With players like Waiters and Irving, the offense is going to be high pace. Not to mention that Love’s presence in the paint will be something Lebron has never had with another player. It is going to be interesting how this changes the way he plays. He can no longer drive to the paint at will as he used to. Regardless Love has potential to be a true second option, which could make the  Cavs an even more dangerous team.

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Minnesota Timberwolves

The Cavs did not bank on getting Lebron, otherwise they may have drafted players like Vonleh or Randle. The backcourt may not benefit from a player like Wiggins now that they have Lebron, and having both players may get redundant. Wiggins may be the greatest bargaining chip the Cavs have. This move makes them a winner right now.

Why it does not make sense:
The Cavs can have the best backcourt in the NBA in a couple of years. Wiggins is explosive, and has the potential you build your team around. Ultimately the hype around Wiggins could be real. Having a player like Lebron could ensure your team’s success after Lebron leaves.’


Realistically, the type of team you would build around Lebron you would build around Wiggins as well. The two play a very similar game. You could extend your championship tenure from a couple of years to a decade. While unproven, the potential is still there. Having a player like Lebron who can coach players both on and off the court, Wiggins could quickly learn the missing holes in his games from the games best. You could create a miniature Lebron after Lebron retires, and that is not a bad thing.

Being honest, I am going to have to disagree with the great coach K. I would not make the trade in an instant. Yes it gives you the opportunity to win right now. But for how long? not to mention, there are still team like the Bulls, the Pacers and the Heat that still pose a legitimate threat to the Cav’s dream of winning a championship. It would not be the cake walk Lebron had in Miami but more like a trudge through mud.

Verdict: Keep Wiggins

The gains you make from trading Wiggins is not that great. Do not forget that the Cavs still have Waiters, and plenty of teams would make a trade to have a player with his shooting ability (possibly a Gibson for Waiters trade??) The Cavs are still in a position to build a very young core of solid players along Wiggins and Irving. I don’t feel trading a potential franchise player for an established franchise is always the best course of action. I always will prefer the long-term benefits over the short-term, and every San Antonio fan would agree. Keep Wiggins. No love for Love.

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