MLB Mid-Season Awards: Part 1

What’s up peeps and welcome back to another article from us, Post Up.  I just got done telling you that we will have more MLB articles, and I plan to keep that promise going.  With that said we will take a look at the MLB and look at first half awards.  In this first edition we will look at who is deserving of the Cy Young Award and Rookie of the Year in both divisions.  In the second edition we will look at Manager of the Year and MVP, just so you know what you have to look forward to.


AL Cy Young: Félix Hernández


Alright, a pretty easy pick at this point in the season, a few weeks ago, not really.  Félix Hernández has been his consistently sensational self again this year, being one of the few true “go-to” options in all of baseball.  This year however, he is really hitting his stride.  He currently leads the AL in ERA (earned run average), WHIP (walks and hits per inning pitched), and WAR (wins above replacement) .  No surprise he is up there in strikeouts, he currently is in second in the AL to Rays pitcher David Price, but what is shocking is his record.  King Félix has never had a record that represented the true quality of his work.  Félix even won a Cy Young in the past and won it with a record that was a game above .500, which is something that never happens because usually the winner has a crazy 24-2 record or something to that extent.  This year however he is finding his happy place and is currently 11-2 and almost single-handily keeping the Seattle Mariners in the playoff picture.  It was looking close for a while for the King, but after slip ups and injuries from Masahiro Tanaka and Scott Kazmir, Félix is pulling ahead and winning the mid-season AL Cy Young Award.


NL Cy Young: Adam Wainwright

Liga Nacional Serie de Campeonato de Juego 4 en St. Louis

A little bit more surprising, but again, an easy pick at the halfway point in the MLB season this year.  “How is this an easy pick, what about Kershaw!?!”  Everyone shut your pie holes for one second and let me talk.  Kershaw has been good this year, but not Adam Wainwright good.  Very similar to his AL counterpart, Félix Hernández, Wainwright leads the NL in ERA and War.  He also sits in second in WHIP, 10th in strikeouts and has a very nice 12-4 record.  “But Kershaw has a lower ERA, and WHIP and has more strikeouts!”  Yeah, that’s cool and all, except he has been injured for a whole month so far this year and does not qualify.  In fact, Wainwright has pitched about 42 more innings than Kershaw this year, or about 7 more games, that’s kind of a big deal.  Boom, roasted.  Sure, does Wainwright winning this mid-season award have to do with Kershaw’s injury issue, absolutely, but that is also a compliment to Wainwright as well, Adam is healthy.  Much like his AL counterpart, he was, and still is, in a heated battle for the Cy Young Award, but because of injuries and slip ups by his competition, the consistent and healthy Adam Wainwright walks away with this mid-season award.


AL Rookie of the Year: Tie

download (5)

Yeah, attack me all you want, but the AL Rookie of the Year race is a good one so far.  Both main candidates are both playing out of their minds, and well above expectations.  On one side we have Masahiro Tanaka who sports the 3rd best ERA in the AL, along with being 4th in WHIP, 3rd in WAR, 6th in strikeouts and has a solid 12-4 record.  On the other side we have José Abreu, who as everyone knows, leads the majors in HRs and SLG (slugging percentage) at 27 and .630 respectively.  He also has a .292 AVG (batting average), .342 OPS (on-base percentage), and a 2.7 WAR.  Both AL candidates have been injured this year, and because of Tanaka’s current injury status, Abreu is currently sitting in the driver’s seat for this award.  However, if Tanaka becomes healthy again soon and they both play as they have been, expect one of the best showdowns for Rookie of the Year that we have seen in a while.


NL Rookie of the Year: Billy Hamilton

MLB: New York Mets at Cincinnati Reds

In the AL we have an absolute star-studded showdown, in the NL it is the exact opposite.  The rookies in the NL have not really impressed this year, or have yet to be called up.  However, there is one guy who is exciting baseball fans everywhere, which is why Billy Hamilton is currently the odds-on favorite to win the NL Rookie of the Year.  Hamilton started off the season extremely poor, and many thought twice of his abilities that he was putting on display in the minors.  However, he was able to put it together and is currently one of the scariest people to face in the majors.  Every month his numbers have increased drastically and he is currently sporting a .285 AVG, with a .319 OBP, .423 SLG, 2.3 WAR and 38 STOLEN BASES!  That is good for second best in the majors and is something rookies scarcely do!  Hamilton is scary fast, and it is because of this speed that people love watching him play.  He glides around the bases and every triple he hits looks like it could be an inside the park home run.  The NL rookie class is very weak this year, but even if Hamilton were in the AL, he would be right up there for this award.  But, he isn’t which is why he can just walk away with this mid-season award for NL Rookie of the Year.





Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out Part 2 later this week!



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