Chicago Bulls 2014 Roster

Well Melo decided to take his talents to…
New York. While missing out on Carmelo the Bulls didn’t waste time, making sure to nab the 3rd best option available in Pau Gasol. We also did not over pay for him either, comparing it Boozers bloated 4 year 80 million.

So where do the Bulls go from here? Securing players like Nikola Mitotic and Kirk Heinrich are going to be valuable options off the bench. Trading their Draft picks for Doug McDermott may prove to be as good of a steal as the Hornets getting Vonleh so late in the Draft or the 76ers getting Embiid at the 3rd overall. Let’s look at some of the key points going forward.

1. Walk the walk


If there was one headline that was talked about during the courting of Carmelo Anthony was that Derrick Rose made it known that the New York native was not welcomed in Chicago. Nothing personal but Derrick has a ACL/Torn meniscus sized chip on his shoulder. Rose has to play against his own mental health, the doubt of fans and haters, and the rest of the league.

There has been a lot of talking from Derrick Rose’s end. There is no doubt he is itching to show the world that hr is ready to play. The question is going to be is he ready? It is time to put up or shut up for Derrick Rose. The Bulls success will be measured by Derrick Rose’s come back. Its truly all in for Derrick Rose.

2. Bench Work


The bench is going to be incredibly important. The Bulls are going to need help from Gibson, Mirotic, and McDermott in terms of scoring points. Defensively they are going to expect help from Kirk and Brewer. This team on paper should be a more complete team. Its going to need solid points from the bench along with proper minute distribution from Tom Thibodeau. Look for the Bulls to want to spread the wealth so that they are not gassed coke play off time.

3. The Great Unknown: Nikola Mirotic


Bulls fans have been hearing this name for 3 years. Now that he is actually going to be on the team, it is going to be  imperative that the Bulls make adjustments to reflect his presence. Having Pau will definitely assist the him in getting acclimated into the NBA seeing as it moves a lot faster than European ball. What is going to be important is can Nikola play as well here as he does overseas? If so the Bulls will have their replacement in 2 years.

4. Rotations


One reason that the Spurs won the championship is because they knew how to use their get the best out of every player.

Thibs has a tendency to over work players with his demands and defensive style. To get Thibs credit he didn’t have a lot of options last season. This is not an excuse to over work players but it should be understandable why the roster was only 7 players deep. The Bulls have enough players this season to hold them over to the post season. Thibs is capable of having a lineup that can be 9 deep. How Thibs uses these players later in the season is going to be critical to the Bulls success.

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