World Cup Predictions: The Fianle

Sad days are upon us as sports fans, the World Cup will be ending on Sunday.  It has been an extremely entertaining World Cup with all of the great games, massive upsets, and of course the mass amounts of goals.  It will be sad to see the World Cup go, but before it does, we have one more predictions article for you, the finales.  Before we dive in, congrats to all the teams this year and especially the final four for making it as far as they have.  Now, who will be getting what medals?


Netherlands v. Brazil:


Alright, first up we will start with the third place game of the Netherlands v. Brazil.  On one side of the ball we have Brazil.  I am not going to talk very long about the previous performance from Brazil because it was well-documented.  Brazil stunk it up, like really badly.  Now Germany does deserve credit for how they played, however, Brazil allowed them to play that way.  If Neymar and Silva were able to play, Germany still would’ve won that game, but not by such a big margin.  That being said, Brazil do get to look forward to having Silva back and that will be a big boost for them and their fans for this crucial game against the Dutch.  The Dutch have been extremely underwhelming as a team in the knockout stages thus far.  Sure, they did get to the semifinals and will be playing for a medal on Saturday, but the only reason that they have gotten this far is because of Louis van Gaal.  Every team they have played has given the Dutch a tough time, and outside the trio of Robben, RVP, and Sneijder, it is very easy to see how young this team really is.  This game will probably be the more entertaining game this weekend, so who will come out with the bronze?

Netherlands 2-1 Brazil

If you are a native, or a fan of Brazil then I am sorry, but I do not see the hosts walking away with anything from this World Cup.  Brazil will be gaining their captain and defensive anchor back in Silva, but he will not be able to stop the Dutch onslaught by himself.  Without Neymar to take some of the pressure off of the defense, and Brazil looking horrible on defense, besides Silva, I expect the Dutch to take it to Brazil like the Germans did.  Louis van Gaal will be pissed with how his team has played these last few games, and he will work them hard and make sure they are ready for the game against Brazil on Saturday.  The players however, will not show up like they should which is why the Dutch will only score two on Brazil.  Brazil will find a way to get at least one, heck they found a way against Germany, but it will not be enough.  The Dutch will go home with the bronze medal after it is all said and done, and to be honest, that is a lot more than most thought they would get, so congrats to them.


Argentina v. Germany:

Germany vs Argentina world cup 2014 final

Alright, now for the big one, the game that everyone is waiting for, Messi’s Argentina v. the German War Machine.  On one side we have Argentina.  I have been saying it for the past month, and I hate to sound like a broken record, but it still holds true, Argentina have barely won all their games.  They were able to defeat the Dutch in penalties and again prove the point that it does not take much to beat them.  That being said, Argentina looked very good against the Netherlands.  They looked much more composed and sound on both defense and in the midfield, and they have not looked better all tournament in those areas.  Offensively, they were a little disappointing, especially Messi who, outside of a play or two, looked extremely lost out there.  On the flip side, they will be facing the Germans.  I will not spend a lot of time on them because of how bad Brazil played, and therefore inflated the German win, but they were very good.  Khedira and Schweinsteiger have been amazing together, and even more so against Brazil.  The defense was better and everything from Germany looked sharp and disciplined.  So who goes home the runner-up and who gets to hold the World Cup trophy?

Argentina 2-4 Germany

Right now, I cannot possibly see anyone stopping the Germans.  No matter if it was Brazil, Argentina, the Dutch, or the combined armies of the world, the Germans look unstoppable.  As I have stated already, Argentina played very well in their previous game, and they played well enough to get to this point, but they need to find a lot more to beat the Germans.  Germany is just too rounded and clicking on some many levels that it seems as if this game will be a cake walk for them, similar to how they played Brazil.  The only chance that Argentina have of winning this game is if the defense plays 100x better than they did against the Dutch, and Messi finds his magic again.  However, while it will not take much for Messi to play like Messi, it will be a long shot that Argentina’s defense will play better than ever.  With Germany making everything look easy from all over the field, I expect them to go up early and coast to their fourth World Cup title.




Thanks for reading and sticking through all the World Cup Predictions!




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