World Cup Predictions: Semifinals

So here is the thing, I got completely rocked with my last predictions for the World Cup quarterfinals.  I got only one game right, and that was the Netherlands over Costa Rica.  However, I will not let this bad luck deter me, and therefore Post Up is back with another predictions article on the World Cup and we will obviously be looking at the semifinals.


Brazil v. Germany:


Alright, so the first of the two heavyweight match-ups is Brazil v. Germany.  In Brazil we have a team that finally was able to play near their potential to overcome the hurdle that was Colombia.  If you remember what I said previously, I thought Brazil was not playing their best which is why they have only skated by so far.  This is still true, Brazil is still a much better team than they have been so far, but now they seem closer to figuring it out.  They will be without their two best players in Neymar and Silva, which should bold well for the Germans.  The Germans are in a very similar situation to Brazil in that they are close to figuring it out, but they are not quite there yet.  I made mention to the fact that Germany needs to fix their midfield, and they listened to me!  They started Khedira and Schweinsteiger together and this was massive for their win over France.  They still insist on having Özil, who I believe would be better on the bench and replaced with Götze, but hopefully that can be fixed in this upcoming game against Brazil.  So who moves on, the World Cup giant or the European World Cup giant?

Brazil 2-3 Germany (ET)

So unless Brazil can find a lot of magic from somewhere, I do not think they will have enough to win.  Now do not get me wrong, Brazil of all teams has the ability to produce something magical, but the question is, do the likes of Cesar, Luiz, or Oscar have enough to push Brazil over the top?  With the likes of Neymar and Silva out, and the Germans looking like they have figured out most of their issues, that is why Brazil will be eliminated.  The Germans looked extremely composed and in control in their game against France, and even though the score was 1-0 at the end, Germany never seemed like conceding a goal.  Again, Germany is not without issue, they need to replace Özil and they need to figure out their defense.  Against France, Neuer was forced to make too many saves and tackles that he didn’t need to if the defense was playing better.  Brazil has the ability and talent to win this game, which is why they will make it close and send it to extra time.  However, in extras, and without Neymar, I do not think that Brazil will have that “it” factor and that is why Germany will be moving on to the World Cup Final.


Argentina v. Netherlands:


So the other amazing World Cup match-up that we get the pleasure of watching this week is Argentina v. Netherlands.  On one side we have Argentina, who still do not look their best.  They are still winning all of their games close, and are very close to losing.  Against Belgium, there was numerous chances that Belgium had, but messed up and therefore they were not able to overcome Argentina.  Argentina is extremely fragile because they cannot seem to pull away and stay away, and without Di María, this task of overcoming the Dutch will be that much more difficult for Argentina.  On the flip side, the Dutch are not unbeatable.  They seem to have an off game every other game, and in their last game, they went to penalties against Costa Rica.  However, while the Dutch seem beatable, Louis van Gaal their manager, seems unstoppable.  In every game this World Cup he has chosen the right tactics, and made the right moves during the game to give him an undefeated record thus far.  His most recent genius was on display against Costa Rica when he decided to sub out goalkeeper Cillessen in favor of Krul.  Krul then went on to save two and guess correctly on every penalty taken by Costa Rica.  Therefore, will it be an all-European final or will there be a South American representation?

Argentina 1-2 Netherlands (ET)

Argentina is too talent to not score one and not hold the Dutch off and make this another game that heads to extra time.  The Dutch, while they are the much more complete team, seem to lack the ability to close out and finish games, besides their opening match against Spain.  However, once this game gets into the late stages, expect the most important person on the pitch to step up and win the game for the Dutch, yes that’s right Louis van Gaal.  For some reason, the guy does not have the ability to lose, and I feel wrong betting against him and his genius.  Do I think that this game can go either way because of how the Dutch have played in the tournament so far? Yes.  However, while Messi may be the “it” factor to win it for Argentina, I believe that the Dutch will be more than ready to handle Messi.  Not only that, but the Dutch will be able to handle Argentina, and if they are not ready, van Gaal will make the changes necessary during the game to push his team over the top.  Again, this game can truly go either way, but due to the Dutch and their manager, they have a little more which is why they will be joining Germany in an all-European World Cup Final.



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