Free Agency: Updated 7/7

Today marks  day 3 the free agency period in the NBA. And it has started off  with a whimper. Why? Because these free agents want to make sure they have all their options weighed out before they make their next commitment. These players either want to get paid, or win a ring. The choices made over the next weeks have the potential to shift the powers in the NBA and do in dramatic fashion. Below is a look at the some of the biggest names in this NBA Free Agent period and a look to what their future may look like in 3 months.

Greg Monroe



I love Greg Monroe’s game. Last season he put up 15 points a game, and 9 rebounds on a team that has Andre Drummond and Josh Smith. That is hands down the most crowded front court in the NBA, and he nearly averaged a double double. Imagine if he where on a team where he had a larger role or a better point guard.

Monroe is a skilled big man, capable of  averaging 20 and 10. His game greatly resembles Al Jefferson before his injury. He isn’t very athletic and can be a liability on defense, but will be able to beat you on the offensive side of the court with his size and soft touch around the rim. The obvious statement is that he should look for teams that need a big man. Possible homes for Monroe are in Phoenix, New York and Boston and Portland?.

Pau Gasol



At age 33 Pau Gasol is still a very productive player. His abilites at the 4 position are unique because he is a very skilled big man. Shoots like a shooting forward would, but can defend the 4 and 5 very well. If not with the Lakers Pau will be looking to go a team that is championship ready. Two teams that are looking to pick the big man up are the Thunder and the Bulls.

The thunder would gain a very interesting dynamic. But do you play Gasol at center? If so you lose the rim protection offered by  Perkins and Ibaka. You do have more of a presence in the paint however. I am not quite sold that his style of play will match the fast pace play of the Thunder. Then again the Thunder have had Perkin for a while, and he is slow as stone.

Going to the Bulls does not make sense unless the Bulls miss out on Carmelo. He will come into Chicago being the number 2 option.

Paul Pierce



Pierce will more than likely play with the Clippers. He has a great relationship with Doc Rivers, and will be a significant upgrade over players like Matt Barnes. Although aged, Paul Pierce can still shoot the ball. His savvy defense and clutch will help the Clippers get past teams like the Thunder. Paul will more than likely be a starter, and will provide the team with a proper go to scorer, which Chris Paul will be more than grateful to have.

Lebron James



As of right now Lebron’s team is unknown. When you have Wade and Bosh say they have no idea where he is going, that is not a good sign for Miami fans. Ultimately I expect him to stay in Miami, but then again last time he was a FA I expected him to stay with the Cavs. Lebron appears to be looking for a max contract, so Miami has a choice to make if it is presented to them.

alternatively, this could all be a rouse so that the speculation for other teams is turned down. Lebron wants to avoid the decision situation as much as possible.

Carmelo Anthony


Philadelphia 76ers v New York Knicks

Let’s be real people, it is either Chicago or New York. One provides him the best chance at a ring, the other offers the most money. We will learn a lot about Carmelo based on his choice. Should he choose Chicago, he wants to be cement his name in history along with the greats. If he stays in New York, he may not get that chance, but will be richer in the process. Do you take the fame or the gold?

Chandler Parsons



I love Parsons and the way he plays. I believe the Rockets made a huge mistake foregoing Parsons in hopes to grab Carmelo. Parsons is a good defender, and is an equal offensive threat. He was the most consistent player in the Trail Blazers series. Teams that are looking to take Parsons are the Lakers, the Mavericks, the Bulls and the Knicks. Should the Knicks lose out on Carmelo, Parsons is a great player to pick up. He will be a good starting piece to rebuild with.


Chris Bosh


As of today, July 7th Chris Bosh is looking for a max contract, as he should. Bosh’s skills have been stunted by playing in Miami and playing out of position. For those who don’t know, Chris Bosh is one of the few power forwards in the NBA that is capable of giving the ball and getting points. Look for Bosh to go back to his Raptor days as the team he leaves Miami for will gain one of the better big men in the NBA. Bosh is most effective away from the paint. His play style reflects Pau Gasol.

Bosh’s shooting ability is unique because of his size. One thing he did pick up while playing in Miami is extending the floor by nailing 3 point shots. Bosh is an average rebounder, but makes up for his length and can play adequate defense. As of right now, The Houston Rockets are looking to sign Bosh and there is a good chance that is where he will go should Lebron leave Miami. The Rockets are looking to answer LaMarcus Aldridge in Chris Bosh, and that would be a good fit seeing as Bosh would be a number 2 option in Houston.

Lance Stephenson

Lance is already disappointed with the lack of interest in teams trying to sign him. Lance’s stock may have dropped dramatically during the playoffs where all of his antics were displayed on national television. Lance is a great defender, aggressive player and a good 3 point shooter. Teams are passing on Lance because he is undisciplined both on and off the court and does not have the highest of basketball IQ’s. No question Stephenson has raise his level of play from the previous year. But teams are not looking to take him if he is going bring that kind of publicity with him. Hopefully this is a learning moment for him because his antics may have cost him a couple million.

Look for teams like the Clippers, Thunder, Pacers and Rockets to try to sign the infamous ear-blower.

Isaiah Thomas


Thomas is the kind of player you want to watch on a team you don’t. The Kings had very good point guard in Thomas and a great center in Cousins yet they can not choose who they want to build the team around.
Thomas is Allen Iverson Reincarnate even though Allen Iverson is not dead. Although small, Thomas has the uncanny ability to score and is a very good 3 point shooter. It must be noted that his point guard ability will leave for some wanting for more seeing as he does not facilitate a team effectively . He will want to play on a team where he is not expected to be the leader, only a scorer. L.A would be the perfect fit for him, he should highly consider signing with the team.


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