Noob Moves: Brooklyn Nets

My favorite Youtuber ” Chris Smoove” has coined a saying that is referred to as a “noob move”. A noob move is an action that is taken by somebody who knows better.   It is meant to be used when somebody does something that you got to shake your head to and ask “Why?” I would like to do this frequently along with the “today we remember” because for every success there is a failure. You guys let me know what you think of it.

I could take a cheap shot and say that the noob move of the day goes to Klinsmann for leaving Donavan out of the roster for the World Cup. Seeing how absent the offense was, his presence and experience was needed desperately. That is another conversation for another time.

Instead I will turn to the Nets who let Jason Kidd walk away because he wanted a more direct hand in the front office. To me the Nets do not have the pedigree in the NBA to act like the Celtics and the Lakers. I support what Jason Kidd was trying to do. He gave an effort to start building an NBA  team the right way, and the Nets veto’d his actions. Then traded him for money and draft picks. The Nets pushed Jason Kidd away because they are trying to go about building a basketball team the old school way  – with money. That is how the Nets built their team last year, getting players like Pierce and Garnett while retaining Williams, Johnson and Lopez.


Jason Kidd did a good job last season. It is hard enough coaching a team full of veterans. It is even harder when you played with them in the NBA the previous season. Remember Kidd is not that old ; He  is around the same age as Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. Getting those players to buy into his system was not easy; it took most of the season to earn those guy’s respect. Dealing with ego’s, ages, and injuries, Kidd lead his team into the second round of the playoffs.

But Kidd is as smart as a head coach as he was a player. He examined the roster he had simply said – we need to start from scratch. Pierce and Garnett’s retirement is looming. Brook Lopez has potential to be the best center in the NBA but can never be healthy enough to so. I can even speak on Deron Williams other than what in the world happened to that guy. Joe Johnson will always be the player he is – shows up big occasionally but wildly inconsistent.

Los Angeles Lakers v Brooklyn Nets
He will have more success in Milwaukee than in Brooklyn. Fact!

In other words, it is time to start over and the owners of the Nets do not see it that way. Since 2010, the Nets have had 4 different coaches. If you are doing the math at home, that is an average of a new coach each season. Since then, the Nets have not drafted or traded for a player of any value aside from Jason Plumlee. In the next 3 years, this team is going to look bare bones, seeing that most of the player’s will either be retired, or contracts will not be renewed. So then what do you do?

You start to rebuild and this is that this is what Jason Kidd was trying to do preemptively . Now the Nets are going to waste 3 to 4 years with the bulk of the their roster until they slowly fade away from it. I love  Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov’s attitude. He wants to win and he wants to ASAP. He brings a very savvy business mind to the Nets organization that they did not have before. I feel he treats his basketball with the mindset that I can buy my way into the finals. I would assume by now he would realize it is not that simple, but maybe we have to wait for a couple more coaches to be fired.

Having Jay-z as an owner brought the team the attention it needed to market the logo change.

Some argued that Kidd was too young to make the demands he was making.  Some mocked Kidd’s string DUI’s as a sign of lack of leadership. Others questioned whether his motives were to build the team or flex his ego. If you are one of those people, you may be more blind than the ones who denied him his request and traded him away for 2 draft picks. It doesn’t take a genius to see how poorly this team has been constructed, and this will be most evident with whomever the Nets hire for head coach.

The fortunes for the Milwaukee have definitely changed in one season. The team that no one has paid attention to has suddenly become a team to pay attention to. If you read my previous article about the Bucks, I predicted them to take Parker, which would be a better move for this team in the long run. The Bucks are one more young player away from growing into a real NBA, and not a team that fills a void in the central division. Now they have a coach that is about growing young talent, the ceiling potential for this team has reached its highest height in over 20 years.

So here’s to you Brooklyn for letting go of yet another coach who did not deserve to be let go. You claim to be about a winning culture yet fire every coach who tries to do it. But that is none of my business. What a noob move.



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