Kevin Love Sweepstakes: Good Deal/Bad Deal

Welcome back to Post Up.  This past weekend we have had some big news rolling around, and no it is not about Carmelo Anthony.  Yes, the other big name making headlines now-a-days is Kevin Love.  The Love Sweepstakes has picked up significantly over the last few days so we are going to look at it.  There have been only three real offers so far, I will not be looking at the Boston Celtics because they are rumored to be involved, but not actually offer anything yet.  Therefore we will look at those three offers and determine if they are good deals or bad deals for the teams involved


Denver Nuggets:

Kevin Love, Danilo Gallinari

The Nuggets have made a very interesting offer to the Wolves for Love.  Rumor has it that the Nuggets have offered electric big-man Kenneth Faried, and good players Wilson Chandler and Arron Afflalo.  Now something that you may or may not notice is that the Nuggets do not have Arron Afflalo.  Therefore, the Nuggets have said with this rumor that they are looking to trade for Afflalo and flip him for Love.  Another interesting note is that they have not included any draft picks.  The Nuggets have the 11th pick and that is a good pick for Minnesota to have, but most think that the pick will be used to land Afflalo.  So is this a good deal or bad deal for the Nuggets and Wolves?

Denver Nuggets: Good Deal

Minnesota Timberwolves: Bad Deal

No surprise there that this would be a good deal for the Nuggets.  Sure they would lose their 11th pick, Wilson Chandler and Arron Afflalo, but they can do without them.  Afflalo has an exaggerated contract that is worse for a team at this point than helpful.  Wilson Chandler is beyond his peak and therefore he is an aging player they are looking to let go.  The big lose for the Nuggets and Nuggets fans is the loss of Kenneth Faried.  Sure you lose that awesome exciting player, but you get back a superstar in Love.

Now onto the Wolves, this is their worse offer yet.  They are getting a bloated contract, an already peaked player and Kenneth Faried.  The only good chip is Faried because he is young and already a very good player, verging on great.  The Wolves want to go young and get picks and therefore Faried is the only player falling in this category.  THe other players involved are north of 29 and there are no picks involved.  The Wolves should ignore this offer and look at their much more lucrative options.


Golden State Warriors:

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Golden State Warriors

As it stands, the Warriors have the most interesting players and picks available to land Love.  The current trade proposed is the Warriors would trade David Lee, Klay Thompson and a first round pick, for Kevin Love and Kevin Martin.  An interesting note in this trade is that the Warriors do not have a first round pick.  They would need to trade for one or give a few future ones in order to give the pick they are talking about in this trade.  So therefore is this a good deal or bad deal?

Golden State Warriors: Bad Deal

Minnesota Timberwolves: Good Deal

As it stands, this is a bad deal for the Warriors, and they know that.  To give up the star that is Klay Thompson is bad business for the Warriors, and they know this which is why they have backed out of the trade for the moment.  The Warriors do not want to give up Thompson and replace him with Kevin Martin.  They are willing to part with David Lee who is a very good player, and a double-double a night, but Kevin Love is a better double-double a night.  But even though they are getting Love, the Warriors cannot justify giving up Thompson as well, which is why this is a bad deal for them.

The Wolves would love this deal if it went through.  They would get an all-star in David Lee, who as I mentioned is a double-double guy.  They would also get young gun, Klay Thompson who would be an excellent piece to build the future around.  Then the cherry on top is that they would get draft picks.  They would either get one this year, or a few down the road, and that is what they Wolves want.  They want experience, young stars and picks, and this trade has it all.  But, from what it looks like they will not be getting this because the Warriors are in love with Klay.  That doesn’t mean that this trade is dead though.  If the Warriors can convince the Wolves to take another one of their young talents, this trade may still happen yet.


Chicago Bulls:


Yes, the team that seems to be involved with everyone this off-season is also involved with Kevin Love.  The Bulls were the last of the teams to make an offer, and their offer is the best as it stands.  The Bulls have offered Taj Gibson, Tony Snell, and both their first round draft picks this year.  The interesting thing to note about this trade, compared to the others, is that they do not need to trade with another team to get a player or pick.  So is this a good deal or bad deal?

Chicago Bulls: Good Deal

Minnesota Timberwolves: Good Deal

This is the best offer that the Wolves have gotten, and maybe will get.  The Wolves are getting a very good defensive and offensive player in Taj Gibson.  He is a much better defensive player, but since he was last a consistent starter, his offense has improved.  When filling in for Boozer, he was averaging over 20 points and 10 rebounds, while playing amazing defense.  The Wolves would also get young player Tony Snell, who has potential to be good, and best of all two first round picks.  The best part is that the Bulls do not have to trade for those picks and the Wolves would be guaranteed them.

The Bulls on the other hand are also getting a good deal.  They are replacing Gibson, with Love and they are getting rid of contracts that they never needed to take on anyway.  With the trading of Snell and the picks, they free up a little more room to chase Melo, or offer him the same contract and chase another free agent or two, such as DJ Augustin or Jodie Meeks.




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