Free Agency Rumors: Carmelo Anthony (UPDATE)

Welcome back to the Post Up ladies and gents!  Yesterday, June 11th, there was some very troubling, and yet, interesting news that was floating around the basketball world.  So therefore we will be looking at a previous article that we wrote already, and adding to it, because of the news yesterday.


The Recap:

Philadelphia 76ers v New York Knicks

Okay, so for those of you that did not read our first article on the Melo situation, here is a relatively quick summary.  Since around March, there have been rumors that Melo will be leaving the Big Apple in hopes of green pastures.  Things since then have become more fueled with the Noah recruitment rumors, Phil Jackson becoming GM, Woodson getting fired, Melo’s end of the year comments, and Derrick Fisher getting hired.

From everything that was happening, it seemed that only two teams were really in the running for Melo and his services.  The first option was to stay in New York, to stay loyal and to gain more money.  Phil Jackson has a plan, but Melo would not see the effects of it until a few years down the road, but it would be worth it because he stayed the hero.

The other option was the Bulls.  It made more sense than any other team because they gave him a chance to win immediately, as well as take his game to a new level.  He would lose some money, and credibility because he left New York, but shockingly enough, many wanted him to leave because they wanted him to win.

That is where we left the Melo situation, will he take money and respect, or winning and slightly less respect.  However, yesterday a report by ESPN came out that shook the entire basketball world.

If you would like to read the original article on the Melo situation, click below:


Option 3: Miami Heat


Ever since I started writing for Post Up, I have had a change in heart, one could say.  I do not really care that Miami is winning, because I feel LeBron deserves it since he is a top 5 player to ever play.  Now, being a Bulls fan I will not stop rooting against them, but respect is deserved when earned, and LeBron has deserved that much.  However, when news came out yesterday that high-ranking Miami officials and players were looking to pursue Carmelo and get him to Miami, I literally became sick to my stomach.

So let me first start by saying, credit is due to LeBron, Wade and Bosh.  Most likely, they are the “high-ranking Miami players” that are involved in this saga and they deserve credit for not being selfish.  In order to get Carmelo to Miami, each of them will have to take relatively hefty pay cuts, and therefore they are choosing to win over money, so therefore good for them.

Now, here is the issue with Carmelo actually going to Miami, and it is very simple,  basketball will be ruined.  If the NBA allows for Melo to go to Miami, Miami would have just created a super-team that would be next to unbeatable.  Sure, this team could have issues with chemistry and competing against teams that are big, but that won’t be an issue for long.  Essentially what would happen is that they would prove to be too athletic and good at scoring for a team to play big on them, and if a team were to play down to their size, they would just be too talented to stop.  It would honestly not surprise me if Miami lost only 5 games all year if this happened.  It was also be no surprise if they won not 1, or 2, or 3, or 4, or 5 etc.

Why would any team want to compete against a team like that?  If everything goes smoothly, why would you even want to play basketball if you already knew who was going to win and had little to no chance of stopping them?  We would see basketball as a sport become extremely less competitive, or worse, we would see more super-teams formed.

If the league allowed this to happen, then the only way to compete would be to make super-teams of your own.  Therefore, both LA teams, Chicago, Boston, and maybe a few others, would have the pull to create these teams, and essentially make all other teams obsolete.  Sure, there would be some competition, and less money grabbers in the league, but can you honestly say it would be fun to watch a few teams compete year in and year out, with no chance of upsets or Cinderella’s?

Personally, I would hate that, and would hate to see that league.  Not only that, but I would, and I believe I speak for everyone but the bandwagon Miami fans, wager that EVERYONE would hate that.  Everyone, except the bandwagon Miami fans, would hate Miami, would hate what they did to the sport, and hate those players even more.


The Verdict: New York or Chicago


When you are as competitive and hungry as Melo is, I believe that he will not take up the old saying of, “if you can’t beat them, join them.”  Going to Miami would be so disastrous, on so many different levels that I do not think he would risk becoming hated for the rest of his life, just to win a ring or two.  Also, going back to the opening comment, I believe that Melo would rather beat Miami to win his ring, than join them.

When you have a team that has won two in a row, and possibly three, you do not want to be another page in their history book, you want to make your own.  Melo would be remembered more, and much more fondly if he were apart of a team that dethroned the Heat, not helped them win a few more.

Therefore, it is because of all the baggage that comes with joining Miami that I cannot see him doing it.  I still see New York and Chicago as his only possible outcomes for the betterment of his career.  It is still a toss-up on what he will do, since he has said little to nothing since the end of the year.  However, the magically date of June 23 is fast approaching, and we shall soon know where Melo stands:

  • Stay in New York for money and respect
  • Go to Chicago for a chance to win and slightly less respect, but still well-respected
  • Go to Miami and ruin the NBA and basketball





There you have it, the new changes in the Carmelo saga.  What do you think he will do this off-season?  Let us know by commenting and leaving feedback!  We also ask that you Like us on Facebook, Follow on Twitter, and Subscribe on Reddit.





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