Post Up AMA # 2

We are back again with five more question. Thanks to the guys who sent me the question.

Q:  “Who is the most overrated player in the NBA?”


A: Ricky Rubio. You may ask yourself “Why him? He’s still young.”. Ricky was drafted in 2009 but didn’t come to the states until the 2011-2012 season. He is talked about being this great PG but since he has been on a NBA roster has never lived up to the hype. He only averages a little over 10 PPG and is shooting 37% from the field. You can’t be a great PG with numbers like that. The only thing that should be praised is his passing ability which is very good but doesn’t make him elite. He is too passive and timid to be the featured point guard on a team that is lacking in offense such as the Timberwolves. He may thrive on a team with more offensive pieces where not much is expected from him but not here and not now.

Q: “Who is the most underrated player in the NBA?

Anthony Davis


A: When people start talking about top centers in the league Anthony Davis name usually isn’t in the conversation, but it should be. He may not be the prettiest basketball player, but he does play pretty basketball. Yes, he is slightly undersized at the 5 but his  huge wingspan and  defensive ability makes up for it. He’s averaged a double-double and shot 78% from the free throw line. He has made strides offensively as well at finding his groove defensively. He has good ball handling skills for somebody his size, and if he can learn to pass better he will be a huge threat offensively. Since he plays for a team that not many people want to watch he gets overlooked way too often and doesn’t the exposure he deserves.

Q:  “Is Kevin Love worth a 1st round pick?”


A: The answer is 100 times yes. Kevin Love is a machine who averages a double-double with points and rebounds. Which means he gives you second chance points. He can also shoot three pointers which pulls his man from the basket. The only question is which team is giving up that first rounder and what your team needs. If you are the Dallas  Mavericks you don’t make that trade because you have Dirk Nowitzki. If you are a team who needs a PF you should at least consider giving up that 1st rounder because there is no better available PF in the league.

Q:  “Who will be a bust in the draft?”


A: I hate to say this because I actually like this player but Marcus Smart will be a bust. He is decently sized for a guard but not the skill level. He cant play the point because of his lack ball handling skills and he can’t play the shooting guard because he can’t shoot threes. I thought he was going to get better at his three-point shooting while playing at Oklahoma State but it actually got worst. His decision-making isn’t where it should but that has potential to change over time. You also have to question his discipline. I think that depending on where he is drafted and what team takes him may determine if he will be a bust or not. He should be drafted by a team that doesn’t need to him to start right away and learn how to play from a veteran point guard, like a championship ready team.

Q: “Does Derrick Rose win a championship?”


A: This may hurt some of you Bulls fan out there but no. This is actually hard for me to say because I would like to see him get a ring but it wont happen. Rose is starting to become one of those great talents that couldn’t get it done. He sat the entire 2012-2013 season then came back in mid November of this past season and got injured again. The Bulls as a team just don’t have the pieces yet to become a championship team. They don’t have enough offense tools to take pressure off of Rose. The Bulls as a whole just need more pieces in order to even compete with anyone in the Western Conference or even the Heat. Another reason why Rose probably won’t win a championship is because recurring  health issues. He got injured in the 2012 playoffs and has only played 10 games since then. When he did return in those 10 games he didn’t perform like we all thought he would perform. That may have been because of fatigue or just rust but it didn’t look very good.

Rose and the Bulls need to have a talk. Rose needs to speak up and not let it come from his brother or anyone else. If Rose wants to win a championship he needs to ask the Bulls to get him some help. He doesn’t trust his teammates. He should try to persuade some other key free agent to Chicago like Carmelo Anthony or Kevin Love. The unfortunate reality is  that it is not in Derrick Rose’s mindset to do so; his kind of behavior gives the appearance that he want to win it on his own. It seems like he feels like he can do it with the guys that they have now and that he can take on the scoring load if he needs to. There has never been a team that had a  pure scoring guard and won a championship. Allen Iverson came close, but close doesn’t cut it.

The Bulls also need to sit Rose down and see where he is mentally. Rose seemed to be playing scared or not to get hurt and that is going to not only hold him back, but the Bulls organization. The team needs to gauge his mental health because if he does not appear ready to play competitive basketball then it may be time to move on from the Derrick Rose project. We as Chicago Bulls fans may need to embrace the fact that we may never see the MVP Derrick Rose again.

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