Post Up AMA #1

NBA season is wrapping but things are heating up here at the Post Up.

I thought it would be great to hear from you guys about questions you may have. It’s great to get any response and to let you know that it is not one-dimensional but a group effort. As you guys grow our fan base we grow as a writers. Feedback and response is very important to us.

I had asked for 5 questions. I only got 4. Beggars can’t be choosers so here  are the questions and my responses to them. Thank you guys for asking in the first place!

Question:  “Who in the east could dethrone the Heat next year to avoid another finals with them in it?”


  The real answer should be Lebron James.

Where Lebron James goes will heavily impact the way the Heat will have to form their team. A lot of people speculate that he will stay in Miami. I don’t think it is that simple, otherwise he probably would have come out and said so if he was 100% going to stay.

If Lebron stay in Miami then no one will dethrone the Heat.

The issue is that there is no other team that is as complete.

Until Carmelo states where he is going, Chicago is out of the picture at the moment. We do not know what the team will look like come the end of July and we won’t know what Derrick Rose will look like until the FIBA Tourney is over.

The Pacers need a shift in personnel in order to hang with the Heat. They need a true number 2 scorer next to Paul George as we have seen that Roy Hibbert is not enough(or in the playoffs, not there at all).

Since the question is posed as a hypothetical, I’ll answer it this way.

Answer: The Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls vs Miami Heat Round 2 Game 2
Assuming all pieces are healthy and without knowing if Carmelo is coming, you have to like where the Bulls are. Bringing in Mirotic this season along with a Derrick Rose easily puts the Bulls back in contention with the Pacers and Heat. Noah,Gibson and Butler are some of the Leagues best defensive players in their positions. Not to mention having Thibs at the helm. Difference between the Pacers and the Bulls? Bulls have better poise and are more mature. I’m talking to you Lance.

Question:  “What changes do the Pacers need to make themselves better?”

Answer: Is it too early to say get rid of Hibbert? I was never a big Hibbert fan. He has a ton of potential but is still pretty raw. What struck me odd this entire playoffs is how Hibbert seem to completely check out. Since the All-Star break Hibbert has been playing like the Anti DPOY. He seems uninspired to play tough basketball which is adamant in his play and leaks into the morale of the team. If it not for David West, this team would have been bounced the first round.  The Pacers are left to wonder what Roy will look like next season and the unfortunate part is that they are stuck in the Bittersweet Cycle.


The Bittersweet Cycle is when a team plays well enough to go deep into the playoffs, but does not or can not obtain pieces in the off-season to further  grow the team. Example? The Thunder. The Pacers need to possibly make a trade so add some offense to the team. Based on who is on the team and who is available it is going to be pretty tough. What would difficult but not too outlandish is the Pacers making a trade for Demarcus Cousins. I highly doubt that would happen, but Demarcus offers rebounding, offense in the paint, and defense. He is a much better center for similar pay and given even a butt crack at that chance I think the Pacers should take it. Otherwise try to obtain a scoring point guard.

tl;dr?  Trade Hibbert for better offense .

Questions: “What will happened in college football as Northwestern’s Unionizing  begins to impact college basketball/nba?”

Answer: This deserves an entire article on its own. This will start the inevitable avalanche that will be the money grab of the NCAA. Once players see how Northwestern players get compensation for their play, bigger schools will follow suit. We will see more schools unionizing until it becomes the norm. As a result, this will ripple into other sports like basketball.


It is really tough to say how it will directly affect the college basketball scene, but this is going to drastically shift where players get recruited over time. If the NCAA allows the players to unionize within their schools  you will see the schools that can offer more get better talent. This is huge for college athletes who are looking to get some cash because this opens the door for it. This will change the rules that the NCAA have in place for recruiting as well. For that we will wait and see.

And interesting concept the NCAA could throw out there is giving players an ultimatum. If you are part of the players union than you can not enter the draft until you are a junior or senior otherwise you are eligible to enter the draft after your freshman year if you are not in a union.

As for on the professional level, not much will change drastically. The changes we will see will be based on the rules the NCAA places in order to put some order into the unionizing and so we will have to wait and see before I can comment fully.

Question: “Which one of you older people who buy J’s for your kids actually have kids who know who Michael Jordan is.”

Isn’t that funny to think about? We are at the age where kids born in the year 2000 are entering high school. Holy crap. But how many of them know who Jordan is?

Not a lot. Kids know who Jordan is but they don’t know who he is. They know it’s a brand. Some who care about basketball enough know that he was the G.O.A.T. other wise they probably know he played basketball.  As time progresses, he may be more known for the shoe rather than his place in the NBA.

Answer:  A good chunk, but dwindling. As time goes on the name Jordan will have less of an impact on younger kids than the name Lebron James but hey, that is the way the cookie crumbles.

This kid is not even 6 and he annoys the hell out of me


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