Take Your Pick: Jordan vs. Lebron

Jordan Vs. Lebron? The new age-old question isn’t it?

Jordan is literally an icon, winning 6 championships in 10 years and multiple MVP awards along with many other accolades.

Lebron James may be  one the greatest athletes this sports era has ever seen, with 2 championships, 4 MVP awards and counting and has not even reached his peak at age 29.

Both of these players are no doubt the top 5 players of all time (all you Lebron haters who are you trying to fool?) but the million dollar question is who is better?

The only problem is that these players played in two different era’s. While we can throw around numbers and stats the fact is that we will never truly know.

But we can get pretty dang close and I mean pretty dang close. NBA 2k14 is going to serve as the best simulation available to us right now, and that is nothing to scoff at. The way the game captures what makes each player unique allows us to feel comfortable using it to help answer our question yet we understand that at the end this won’t truly answer the question. What it will do is give us better insight on how these two players differ in play style.

So here is how it breaks down.

Matt and I flipped a coin. Matt is the Winner. He had to choose who he team captain would be.

He elected to pick Micheal Jordan, while I have Lebron James. Let the games begin.

Both teams are going to have to pick an entire squad of 12. Any player that is available  in the NBA 2k14 is up for grabs including players that are not in the original roster but have been created in the market. The roster break down boils down to this.

There players will be broken down into 4 categories:

Lebron and Jordan are both Platinum players because they both rank at 99.

Gold players are players in the 98-90 range. Each team will be allotted 2 gold players

Silver players are any players that are 89-82. Each team will be allotted 3

Bronze players are 81- 75 each team will have 6 of those players.

The total will come out to 12 players on each roster. The players will be taken in a two team fantasy draft style going in serpentine order. The winner of a one on one game between Lebron and Jordan will determine who gets the first round overall pick.

From there we will play a best of 3 series of these two super teams. The game difficulty will be set at All-Star and quarters will be 6 mins.

Rules aside this is going to be pretty fun and something we do annually and for every sport. Let me show you guys on how I plan on drafting with team Lebron.

Lebron Jame’s game differs from Jordan’s game because Lebron takes a more facilitate first, score second approach to his game where Jordan does the exact opposite. What makes Lebron so great is that he can get to the basket with ease or pass out of the paint with ease. He is not the greatest outside shooter so it is going to be imperative that the players around him can shoot and have good passing skills. Here is how I plan on drafting my starting 5 for this super team in the order of pick numbers:

1st Round Pick

Allen Iverson -SG, Gold

Allen Iverson

I thought about this for a very long time. I wanted to Kobe, Wade or Paul as my first pick. But when it boils down to it, Allen Iverson is an offensive juggernaut. I am going to need speed along with a stronger scoring presence. If  I know Matt, he will be probably take Kevin Durant for his first pick, so I need to match Durant’s shooting with my own because Lebron is not going to provide me with the type of scoring that Jordan and Durant will give him.

2nd Round Pick

Shaquille O’Neal C, Gold


The Big Diesel in his prime was the best center to play basketball. The only knock on his game is that he is slow, gets killed when defending the pick and roll, and is a hilariously awful free throw shooter. So why am I taking Shaq? Because he can rebound, a deterrent to in the paint and giving him the ball in the paint makes it feel like an automatic bucket. In late game situations I will be able to dump the ball down low to produce a bucket and Shaq does it the best.

3rd Round Pick

Anthony Davis – PF, Silver


I am really high on Anthony Davis. I think he is poised to be the next great PF in the NBA. Plainly put it, the brow plays great defense, his weight and size also allows his to guard multiple positions. He is also pretty good around the paint and has good ball handling and passing skills. His skill set will mesh well with Lebron and friends.


4th Round Pick

Kyrie Irving- PG,Silver


I believe it is a crime that he is not rated at 90. But I am not going to complain because Kryie offers me a good amount of offense and defense in the PG position and  isn’t at the gold rating cap. Handles and facilitating abilities is why I am glad he falls so low, because if kick out buckets are needed Kyrie can knock those down with ease. Not to mention he is very quick and can run the floor.

What I am going for this team is a solid defensive team with a focus of scoring in the paint. That is the strength of Lebron and it would not make sense to try to deviate from that. I like the starting 5 I am going for, and in the videos that will be coming out I will tell you the plan b players I will take in case Matt tries to stiff me. For this post please comment if you agree, disagree or if you think certain players in history will better compliment team Lebron.


Matt you are going down! #teamLebron




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