Rampaging Rants: MLB Hall of Fame

Welcome one, welcome all to Post Up’s first Rampaging Rants about an issue in the MLB.  Today we will be looking at the MLB Hall of Fame and the hypocrite that most of the people are that are involved in the voting process.  So without any more waiting, let’s get ranting.


The Set Up:


The MLB Hall of Fame, like every Hall of Fame, is one of great importance and accomplishment for everyone involved with that specific league.  If you are a player or coach, you dream to be in that building along with your former colleagues and idols, forever immortalized in bronze and copper.  If you are a fan, you dream of visiting it and seeing the players that you watched make it into such a prestigious building and get honored for their truly amazing accomplishments.  The title of this article is about the Hall of Fame, and that is true, but the Hall itself is not where the issues lie.  It in fact lies with the voters and it all started back in 1991.


Case One: Pete Rose


For those who do not know where I am going with this, let me explain.  Most of you have heard of the legendary baseball player that is Pete Rose.  Pete Rose in his playing years was easily the best hitter that baseball has ever seen.  By no means was he the power hitter that everyone has become accustomed too, as I will get to later on in this article, but he was the best hitter in the terms that he could hit the ball anywhere on the field.  Rose finished his stupendous career with MLB records for:

  • Career hits: 4,256
  • Career singles: 3, 215
  • Career games played: 3,562
  • Career at-bats: 14,053

This guy was the real deal, but unfortunately he had his demons that came out for everyone to see in the late 80’s and into the 90’s.  Pete Rose had a gambling problem.  While managing the Reds in the 90’s and investigation occurred because people were wondering if Rose was betting on the games.  It was found that he had bet on at least 52 games in 1987 season and that he probably was betting up through the 90’s.  What is interesting to note though, is that they never found proof of Rose betting against his team, he always bet for his Cincinnati Reds to win the game.  However, due to his gambling on baseball and clearly breaking the rules, he is banned from entering the Hall of Fame.


Case Two: Steroids


Now there is no real specific player to talk about in these circumstances, and that is because there are just so many that have juiced up in the last 20 years.  Therefore because of that, I can only talk in generics to make the point I am leading up to.

Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, etc.  The list is literally expanding by the day and players are finding new ways to enhance their abilities and become better versions of themselves.  The past few decades have been dubbed the “Steroid Era” due to the amount of players that are using some form of steroids in order to better themselves.  When players are juicing, they usually see great improvements in their power, ability to make contact with the ball, and enhanced stamina for not only fielding, but hitting later in the games.  Everything about steroids is cheating because it is not only boosting ones own abilities, but by causality, it will also help your team win more as well if you are playing at a high level.  While there is no guarantee that your team will win, there is a better chance of them winning with one of their players juicing.  However, due to their obvious cheating and breaking of baseballs rules, they are still eligible to enter the Hall of Fame.


The Rant:


Honestly, it is stuff like the Pete Rose and steroid issues that piss me off when it comes to baseball.  Baseball is a great sport, don’t get me wrong, but why is it that they also seem to be some of the biggest hypocrites and stuck up jerk-wads in all of sports.  So let me play out baseballs, and specifically the Baseball Writers Association of America’s logic on this whole issue.  Pete Rose is banned from ever entering the Hall of Fame, because as a manager and maybe a player, he would gamble and bet for his team to win the game.  He broke the rules and therefore is banned.  Steroid users use foreign substances to not only increase their abilities to play better, but by causality also help their team win more games.  They are breaking baseballs rules but they are still allowed into the Hall of Fame.  WHAT!?!?

I’m sorry but no, BBWAA you are the definition of hypocrites.  Pete Rose broke the rules for sure, but so did the steroid users.  There was never proof that he was gambling on his team when he was a player, but lets say he did.  If he was gambling for his team to win both when he was a player and manager, is it really all that bad?  Yes, obviously he broke the rules and that is bad, but what else did he do wrong?  It is not like he was throwing away games to win money, if he was he sure knew how to hide it well considering he was the best hitter to ever play.  As a manager, how could he even throw away the game?  He cannot go out onto that field and play for them.  Now sure, he could have made changes that would harm his team and make them lose, but there is zero proof of him ever betting against his team!

Then we have the steroid users.  What have they done that is bad?  Well sure, they broke the rules and that is bad because they cheated to win a game, so therefore that is a wash with Pete Rose.  But what else did they do that was bad?  Oh, I don’t know, they juiced so therefore all of their numbers are fake and all the records that they hold should be eliminated because they cheated to get them (I’m looking at you Barry Bonds).  Not only that, but by juicing they directly were involved with their teams ability to win and lose.  Gambling is involved for sure, but Rose could never control his team winning like a steroid user.

Let me ask you all this question,  who do you feel has the better chance at helping his team win?  The gambling player who is known for hitting singles, the gambling manager who can only change his players when they are struggling (which, by the way, EVERY manager does, because EVERY manager wants to see their team win), or the steroid user who is probably going to walk up and belt a home-run because of his enhanced strength?


The Conclusion:

download (2)

I hope that you all can see where I am going with this.  The steroid user is obviously going to effect the outcome of a game more so than the gambler.  Not only that, but the gambler cannot pad his stats, unlike the steroid user whose statistical numbers in their entirety are completely fake and must be discredited.  Baseball has gone and screwed up big time and before it gets worse they need to fix it.

I am not advocating for Pete Rose to be reinstated, however I believe he should be, but rather I am calling for the MLB to stop pretending as if they are never wrong and admit they are.  They cannot have it both ways in this situation, it has to be one or another.  They either ban all cheats, or they reinstate all cheaters.  Baseball is not out of the steroid era yet, and it is only a matter of time until the first steroid user is elected to the Hall of Fame.  He is no better, and actually worse than someone like Pete Rose, and yet he is allowed into the Hall.

Baseball needs to wake up and realize that if this happens before they fix their mistakes, then they will be in a whirlwind of trouble.  They need to come out and ban all steroid users from the Hall of Fame, because they broke baseball’s rules and cheated, or they need to come out and reinstate players like Pete Rose for playing the game right, but also breaking rules as well.  Believe it or not BBWAA, it IS that simple.



There you have it, but we want to know how you feel on this issue.  Do you think steroid users should be banned from the Hall?  Do you think Pete Rose should be reinstated?  How should baseball handle this?  Let us know everything and anything you are thinking by leaving comments and giving us feedback.  We also ask that you Like us on Facebook, Follow on Twitter, and Subscribe on Reddit.




All stats and information courtesy of wikipedia.org and espn.com

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