Win-Win Situation: Derrick Rose

Welcome back to the Post Up!  For the baseball fans out there, I apologize in advance for the lack of baseball articles this week, but things have come up and there are also too many good basketball stories coming out this week.  We have not forgotten about your thirst for baseball, and I promise there will be baseball again next week.  But, let us focus on the now.  In this article we will look at the Derrick Rose situation developing and whether or not it is good for everyone, or certain groups.


Team USA is a Callin’! (Sorry Landon Donovan):


So just as a recap for those who have not heard of the news that came out this week, Derrick Rose is EXPECTED not only by himself, but Coach K and the entire organization, to practice and play with Team USA this summer when they tour around the world to play other national basketball teams and then proceed to play the Basketball World Cup in Spain.  So believe it or not, this is kind of a big deal.  Derrick Rose has not been full healthy in about 2 years (I know he played a little at the beginning of this season, but I do not believe he was fully healthy then, regardless of what was said).  You may have noticed that I said expected to practice and play.  While him playing is NOT a guarantee like practicing is, it is hard to imagine him not playing for Team USA if he can, due to the lack of talent that will be available at the end of August.

Chris Paul, LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony have all been ruled out already due to various reasons, but mostly they are just tired.  Deron Williams is more than likely going to be ruled out because he is expected to have surgery on BOTH his ankles in the coming weeks, and therefore will be unable to play come August.  No one knows what guards, and especially point guards are going to be picked with the likes of Kyrie Irving, Russell Westbrook, Rajon Rondo, John Wall, etc. available, but if proven healthly, Derrick Rose, in reality will make the cut because of who he is and his experience in the past playing for Team USA.  Therefore, by these circumstances, I truly believe if Rose shows that he is able to go, he will and will be playing for Team USA this summer.

With that being said, we can finally dive into the meat of this article, what does this mean for Chicago Bulls and NBA fans this upcoming year.


Scenario One: He Does NOT Get Hurt


Okay, I am going to start off by stating that in these scenarios, and realistically for that matter, the time Derrick Rose will get hurt, if he does, is for Team USA.  So believe it or not, in this situation he does not get hurt, in fact he gets healthy.  Yes, in this situation we can see Derrick Rose back to health for the first time in a few years and there is a very good reason for this.

People last year saw what he was doing in preseason and what he was saying and everyone thought he was healthy, rubbish.  He was not healthy yet and his preseason meant close to nothing, and do you know why?  It is because he was not playing at game speed.  In practice, it is impossible to simulate game speed and therefore he was never going to experience it there.  “Oh, but what about preseason, that is game speed, you’re so stupid!”  Wrong.  Preseason is a lie.  Preseason is nearly like practice with how slow it goes and therefore, again Derrick Rose was not experiencing game like conditions, which is what he needs in order to truly recover and be back to health.  That is why when the REAL season started he, for lack of a better term, sucked it up.  Rose was terrible in the first 8 games, and it was not til games 9 and 10 that he was starting to turn it around and figure it out, and then he got injured again.

It is because of all this that if Rose can stay healthy through Team USA’s run at the basketball World Cup, he will be truly a healthy Derrick Rose for the first time in years.  The national teams that they are gonna play against are going to try just as hard as any team in the NBA would.  Sure, Team USA will encounter some cake-walks, but that is expected from them since they are the best national basketball team.  But, if Team USA can come up against teams like Spain, Brazil, Argentina, etc., and they most likely will, then Team USA and Rose will be tested at game speed.  It will be even better for Rose that LeBron, Melo and CP3 are not playing because there will less outlets and great players to slow things down and make the game like one in practice.

Therefore, from these World Cup games, Rose can get back to his health, which means the Bulls and the NBA will see Derrick Rose again.  Due to Rose being back to his health, the Bulls can expect to see Derrick Rose come out and play near the levels he did 2 years ago, and be healthy about it.  We can expect to hopefully see the new and improved jump shot he has been going on about forever.  We can also expect to see Rose not show any signs of rust and be back into things immediately, unlike last year.  Ultimately, it is not Team USA that needs Rose, but Rose that needs Team USA.  He needs these games to help him get back to what he was, and without it, we can expect to see another very slow start from Rose again this upcoming NBA season.


Scenario Two: Rose Gets Hurt



The other and most common scenario that everyone is used to at this point is Derrick Rose getting hurt.  Again, because of the game speed and competition, Rose will more likely than not experience a devastating injury against a national team and not once the NBA starts up again.  Yes yes, obviously he can get hurt during the season but let us ignore that for now.  Let’s say the Rose is flying around again for Team USA and just as the story has gone so far, gets hurt again.  It does not necessarily mean his knees, but it mostly likely will be.  If Rose gets injured for Team USA, Bulls fans everywhere will be either calling for Coach K’s head for playing him or demanding that the Bulls trade him ASAP.

During this time of familiar grief is something that I hope most, if not all Bulls and NBA fans realize.  This is actually not the end of the world and in fact, this scenario also has its benefits.  If Derrick Rose gets injured badly again, he will miss a significant amount of time, but he will not miss the entire season.  Derrick Rose will play this year, the only question would be when.  I understand that we have been through this situation before, but this time it is different.  This time the injury will not be as severe and Rose would also be looking to come back as quickly as possible.  Yes, I am aware this is the same idea as before, but again he cannot afford to sit out another season.  He has already sat out the past two, and I understand he wants to make sure he is healthy, but he needs to play this season because if he doesn’t, he may not be in a Bulls uniform the following season and he does not want that to happen.

Therefore, because of this, Rose WILL be back this season and will be playing in March, April and hopefully May and June.  Because of this delay due to injury, he will come back mid-season and be rusty of course.  But, he should be healthy in time for the playoffs, and not only healthy, but fresh.  He will have fresh legs, a fresh body and fresh anger.  He will be looking to prove everyone that he still is what we thought he was and this will greatly help the Bulls in the playoffs.  If this were to happen, it may even prove to be more beneficially than him being healthy at the beginning of the year, because he won’t play as many games and be susceptible to injuries throughout the season.




As I was saying towards the end of the second scenario, Derrick Rose will be playing at the end of the season and in the playoffs, at the very least.  At the most he will play all year and looking to win an MVP.  It may be hard to digest the second scenario, but the fact of the matter is, no matter what happens this off-season with Team USA, it is a win-win situation for Rose, Bulls fans and NBA fans.

If Rose can stay healthy and play well enough for Team USA he may not only be convincing fans, but players like Carmelo that Chicago is for real.  If he gets hurt, he will be even angrier and looking to not win an MVP, but a title to prove all this doubters wrong.  This will be a very interesting season next year in Chicago, and I just as may others cannot wait to see how it unfolds.





So there you have it, do you agree with this?  Do you not?  How do you feel about Rose going after Team USA?  Tell us everything and anything about this topic or others by commenting and giving us feedback.  We also ask that you Like on Facebook, Follow on Twitter and Subscribe on Reddit.




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