Clean Break Up

The Cleveland Cavaliers remind me of that kid in high school who just kept winning at life. His parents bought him a sick car at 16, he can afford the freshest of Jordans, and he always seems to have a new chick every month.  He always seems to get lucky.Funny thing about that guy is that years later you come to find out that he has done nothing with his life.  Bad management and poor choices have washed his streaks of luck and fortune. He was given every opportunity to make an impact for himself. Instead he crapped it all away and now is slightly balding and working at Home Depot. That is the dangerous game we play ladies and gents; The game of life.

Over the past 11 years, the Cavs have obtained the number one pick 4 times starting with Lebron in 2003. On paper, that should be a pretty good team by now, if not a championship contenting team. Unfortunately for them they have not done much to produce that level of success.  As we all should know, the most important player that Cleveland has had in a very long time was Lebron James. In 8 seasons they showed him why Cleveland can never  seem to win anything –  they suffer from the all too common case of bad management. The best players the Cavs could surround Lebron with? Mo Williams and an expired can of Shaq.  No wonder he wanted to leave.

Yeah, except he wears a different jersey

Fast forward to summer of 2010 for  the Decision, where Lebron James left Cleveland for the sexy and seductive Miami Heat and Cleveland is left with nothing but its own ego and pride. (Remember when Dan Gilbert vowed the Cavaliers would win a championship before the Heat would? Talk about your lawls)  With that pride they proceeded to tank so hard you would believe they were being paid to play with no intention of winning. Sure they started the season strong , but things went south and went south fast. What the world “witnessed”  was a simple equation: The Cavaliers – Lebron = putrid piles of garbage.

Then Lady Luck, also named David Stern, decided to reward the Cavaliers with the number one pick that resulted in the Cavaliers getting a very good point guard named Kyrie Irving.  And then Lady Stern strikes again with giving them the first overall pick again in 2013  and the Cavaliers took the mysteriously impetuous yet fitting pick of Anthony Bennett. The pick was shocking to everyone, including Anthony Bennett, who the Post Up has awarded winner for Fubar Rookie  of the Year and possibly the worst number one over pick of all time.

I would be smiling that hard too. Bennett basically got away with robbery by being the number one pick.

What followed is just an utter meltdown from the front office to the janitorial staff, as Mike Brown quickly lost control of his team and everything when to crap. Anthony Bennett proved to be a bust, Andrew Bynum did his annual “I can’t play because” routine and the rest of team was left to play the rest of the season without any direction or purpose. And Kyrie was upset. Upset enough to start planning how he will leave this team in the near future. Needless to say this team found themselves in yet another wreck of a season.

Until Tuesday night that is.

Tuesday fate was thrown out the window, as the Cavs got the number one overall pick. Again. For the third time in 4 years. Which now prompts talks of people asking “Will Lebron James come back to Cleveland? With Kyrie, One of the top 3 picks and the supporting players, why wouldn’t Lebron want to come home and win a championship?”

Let me squash this right now by stating that Lebron James left that team because of the front office. They didn’t draft well, they didn’t make trades or moves to bring Lebron a better supporting cast and as a result forced Lebron to make a choice to secure his own legacy instead of that of the Cavaliers.

So with the potential of Wiggins, Parker or Embiid, why wouldn’t Lebron go to the Cavs? I mean sure that is enticing. You have very good core of young players and would really be a threat in 2 or 3 years. But the problem is that it would take 2 or 3 years to see that championship team. Not to mention if the Cavs take Embiid and he gets severely injured, or any draft prospect they take gets injured, they would be back at square one. Yeah, Kyrie is a top 5 point guard in the NBA, but he will not be enough even with Lebron James.


Is Wiggins the player we thought he was? or will he be a bust as well?

Not to mention that there are no coaches that would be able to grow Wiggins/Parker/Embiid and build a championship team around Lebron James that are available right now. From the pool of coaches available at this moment, they would either get one or the other. Yeah you may not need it seeing as Lebron is a great player/coach.  It would still be a necessity seeing as Lebron cannot do everything.

Lebron James is in the primetime of his NBA career. I am not claiming he needs to stay in Miami. I am just saying that Cleveland is not about a winning basketball culture. Over the last 11 years they have had every opportunity to make this team a real powerhouse in the east and have wasted it. Lebron knew something that we didn’t know when he left and the world will see it over the next couple of years with whom ever they take for the first round draft pick.

The Cavaliers are not in the business of winning basketball games. They are in a business. With great power comes great responsibility and to me, the Cavs have not proven that they can handle that level of power by their lack of responsibilty. Like that kid in high school who always seems to be the luckiest guy, the Cavaliers have had a lot opportunities to build a championship, more than most teams in the NBA have been given, and have relatively squandered it. The only silver lining is that they still have Kyrie Irving.

Having Lebron there will just add more drama to that fact and Lebron is not interested in the Cleveland soap opera. He is 29, and needs to go to another championship ready team, not a team in a rebuilding process. If you think that is where Lebron belongs, then you don’t understand basketball because if he wanted be on a team that is going to rebuild, he would just stay in Miami. I wont speculate on where Lebron will go just yet, but I do believe that Lebron will only go to Cleveland to visit his mother. Nothing more, Nothing less.


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