Not-So-Risky Busniess

**Disclaimer: this is all opinion. I have no insider knowledge. This is just an article to get you  to think. Enjoy**

I have been watching the NBA for 10 years now. If there is one thing that is clear to anyone that understands basketball is that there is most definitely an agenda in the NBA.

We are not talking Matrix level of agenda, where teams and players have no control over the outcomes of their fate. More like Bruce Almighty, where things could only be pushed in a different direction.

You would be remiss to believe that this wasn’t the case. For example, last year the NBA Finals was shrouded in mystery as no-calls (on both sides to be fair) and head scratching calls seem to favor pushing the Spurs/ Heat Finals match up to 7 games.

I had a good feeling that series was going to go 7 games, mainly because Joey Crawford was reffing most of the games. The fact that so many people know a referee by name (think of another ref in any sport) should give you an indication of what I mean when I say I believe that there is agenda that is pushed in the NBA.

Remember that time JCraw Ejected Tim for laughing?

The Finals went 7 games last year because America blindly hates the Miami Heat, and we love nothing else more than to possibly witness somebody fail. That just makes good TV, am I right Kim? Does it matter that the Spurs were a couple of BS calls away from winning the Championship? Not really because hey, LeBron James! His jerseys sell very well world-wide and come on, who the hell wants a Tim Duncan Jersey outside San Antonio?

If you have been watching the playoffs this year (which you should because these are some of the most fun playoffs I can remember) then you more than likely witnessed two instances of this agenda on back to back nights, both due to shady calls revolving the replay system. If you didn’t believe me before, hopefully this slightly persuades you.

Game 5 of OKC Thunder and La Clippers

The Thunder are slowly becoming the team America loves in basketball, and how can you not? You have an electric Russell Westbrook, and always humble yet deadly MVP in Durant. You have those sexy powder blue jerseys and a cool abbreviation for your team. They got it all over there.

So when they are matched up against a team whose owner is basically Calvin Candie, Leonardo DiCaprio’s character from Django Unchained, you have a recipe for easy TV ratings. Will this series go 7 games? Oh heck yeah. Somebody wants to milk this as much as they can.

Will the Clippers win the series? Probably not. I stated actual basketball reasons why this series will go 7 games in a previous article. Another lesser but reasonable theory is that while more people are tuning in, the whole Donald Sterling fiasco does make the NBA look bad. Best believe the sooner they can shove this under a rug, the sooner they can go about getting Lebron is third NBA title.

So to give a bit of background on why I believe this, you have to get the atmosphere of game 5 in OKC. The Clippers owned the entire night. They plays 3 quarters and 8 minutes of great basketball keeping KD shooting 6-22. It wasn’t until the waterfall that is the OKC offense finally broke through and came through in the clutch. With the Thunder down 2 points, the ball is stolen from Chris Paul and picked up by Reggie Jackson. Here is the biggest controversial call from that night.


The NBA came out and said they would uphold the call because there was not conclusive evidence that Reggie Jackson had touched the ball. If you watch the very first seconds on the clip above, you can clearly see that when the ball leaves Reggie Jackson’s hand that Matt Barnes hands are at Jackson’s waist. Right there, at the third second of the video. This is something I can see with crappy 360 p quality which begs the question what were the refs looking at? Maybe they were trying to watch the season finale for Chicago PD because they definitely were not viewing the replay in there. You might say” AJ it is a little hard to see the finger tip definition of who touched it last.” Fine whatever than explain this one.

FYI Wasn't a foul
FYI this wasn’t a foul

Roc Nation Nets Vs  The Justice League (Bosh is wonder woman btw)

I have no words other than clearly the Nets were not supposed to lose that game. How in the world could you say that was possession Nets. Even if you literally just started to watch basketball, you would say, yeah the guy in black touched the ball last. This video has worst video quality then the last, and it is still clear who touched it last.

If the Nets had won the game, you would have the 12 real Miami Heat fans up in arms. But its the old and dusty Nets. So nobody cares too much.

Just quit already!
Just quit already!

These two plays, in two different instances you witness the overall inferiority that are NBA refs. Umpires have occasion hiccups, but not often  enough where people accuse the MLB of directing games. NFL refs make bad calls from time to time, but they are far between the course of a season to care that much. In fact that are pretty consistent – if they are calling bad calls, they do it for both sides and for the whole game which is more consistent than what we have in the NBA.

My dad always taught me that you can never blame the referees. You win or lose a game based on how you play, the refs are only there to moderate. And it is true. When the Clippers played pretty poorly the last 4 minutes of the game, then ultimately that is why they lost. But isn’t the point of having referees in a game is that in late game situations the right calls are to be made to ensure a fair game? Teams shouldn’t have to play against the opponent and the referees. It only happens in The U.S as well. If you watch basketball games from other countries, or even the FIBA Championship games those reffed extremely well. Mainly because there is no agenda, its just play basketball.

At some point there is going to have to be a reform in NBA officiating. It starts with getting rid of a lot of the referees that are already in place.  When the Heat where down 3-2 last year going into game 6, who did the NBA have referee both game 6 and game 7? Joey Crawford. Guess who won Games 6 and 7?  The Justice League The Miami Heat. I’m not saying, I am just saying.






One thought on “Not-So-Risky Busniess

  1. For one of the comments about how many refs you know by name. There are a few but they are just know for different reasons. Like Ed Hercules but he is known for his physique. The main reason so many people know joey crawford by name is because thats the kind of person and ref he wants to be. He wants to known and he like the fact that people know him by name. He’s just that kind of person.

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