Ramping Rants: Draft Day

Johnny Football, or as his mother know his as, Jonathan Paul Manziel   has been the talk of the football world for about a couple of hours now. If you don’t know who he is, you should – in his college career he averaged a 68% completion rating, throwing 7,820 yards and running for 2,169 with 66 TD throws and only 22 int all in the span of 2 years. As a freshman he is the first player to win the Heisman Trophy, the Manning Award and the Davey O’Brien National Quarterback Award all in the same year. Phew that is all a mouth full. That’s also Johnny Football. Johnny boy does not have a reputation from just being a great college football player, but rather his social media presence. Manziel has been everywhere, most notably on Instagram, making a name for him self. The budding star has even gained him friendships with Canadian born rapper Drake, prompting him to make a song called “Draft Day” as a head nod to future stars like Manziel and Wiggins. For the most part, America loves them some Johnny Football, they guy is idolized by both men and women alike ; guys want to be him and ladies want to…um…secure their futures with him. He already has a Nike deal with his own name and everything. So why am I telling you all this?


Because we need to stop glorifying these kids who have not proved themselves. It’s incredibly unfair to these guys. Let me explain why.

Imagine the feeling of  working at a  small Best Buy. You do the best job you can, helping customers on a daily basis, going above and beyond both inside the workplace and outside the workplace, and everybody adores you for it. You are great at getting the sale, so you gain the name the closer and everybody knows why – you own that place. Its your territory. One day you decide  to take the next step and apply as a supervisor at a better and bigger Best Buy, and man is that store excited to have you. They throw a party with a banner in your name, with the expectation that you are going to be a game changer. They even go as far as alluding that the stores success hinges on your performance. That is a whole lot of pressure to place squarely on one persons shoulders and it is a bit unfair. If that store was performing poorly before your arrival, that would be managements fault. You as a team member of 50 other employees should not be the spotlight. Yes you are expected to be a leader, but you can’t lead if you are not given the right pieces and players. This is the trap I am afraid Manziel will fall into and why it ticks me off that if he does fail, its not the Cleveland Browns fault, but his own.

I am tired of hearing Manziel’s name everywhere. I am even tired of typing it. But not because I don’t like him. I think he has potential to be an elite QB in the NFL. My beef is the  extreme expectations place on most of the draft picks year in and year out. The world expects these college high-profile names to come out and make an immediate impact (Remember when RG3 was RG3? No? It’s okay it’s only been two years) and to me that is not right. These rookies are…well.. rookies. They are on these teams to learn. Yes sometimes they come out of the gate and play very well. But other times these players need a year or two to sort out how they can fit on their teams. Want me to point out a painful example as a Bears fan? Look at the 2005 draft, where Aaron Rodgers was picked 24th in the first round and turned out to be the superior QB in that draft. You want to know who was picked before him?

isn’t that…um

Yeah. Alex Smith, taken number 1 in the draft none the less. His career didn’t pan out the way he expected, although he had a good season last year with the Chiefs but it only took 9 years for that.  So whats my point with all of this?

Lets wait a least a season before we hail this guy king. The things I have been reading and hearing about Johnny are a bit extreme. He is a great talent, but still pretty raw, which is probably why so many teams passed on him. I am not hating, I fully expect Johnny Manziel to be a great QB. Just not anytime soon. Clowney went number 1 because he will be able to make an immediate impact on the Texans, and he gets the opposite in public affection. If he ends up playing well  most people outside of Texas probably won’t care.  If Manziel doesn’t play well everybody will be mocking him much harder then what he received last night. The embarrassment of expecting to be picked in the top 10 and not being picked til the 22nd pick must have really grinded Johnny’s gears. Hopefully he stayed off twitter so he could avoid reading tweets like these:


And mind you this is still trending today. Over 12 hours after Manziel was drafted. Can you imagine if his first game is a bust? or his first season? Yikes. It might be okay for him though. He has an ever growing group of people hoping on the Johnny Manziel Jock train. lets take a quick glimpse at who have so far:


Moral of my rant? Get off the guys jock and let him play football first!

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