Game 7’s Galore: Who Will Win Each Match-Up?

Welcome back to the Post Up!  Things have been crazy this playoffs, haven’t they?  This has easily been one of the best playoffs to date, and they are only going to get better.  While we are waiting around for the final Game 7’s, why don’t we look at each match-up and look at who we think will win each one.  So let’s dive right in!


Match-up one: Hawks at Pacers


This has been an interesting match-up when most thought it was going to be a blow out.  I do not think that even the Atlanta Hawks thought that they would be in the position they are heading into Saturday.  Regardless of what many thought would be the case, the fact of the matter is that the Atlanta Hawks have played extremely well and are well deserving of being in this Game 7 against the Pacers.  That being said however, the Pacers are by no means without blame in this situation.  Paul George has had a very great series, but very quietly.  Outside of George however, the Pacers have been miserable and have been barely surviving from game to game.  Hibbert has been horrendous at best, and the rest of the team has not been that great either, outside random good performances, like from David West in Game 6.  Even with all the short comings that the Pacers have experienced from the end of the regular season, up to this point they have managed to play the Hawks into a Game 7, and they also have that Game 7 where they kept saying all year, at home.

Prediction: Atlanta Hawks win 94-86

Yeah, yeah, yeah the Pacers are great at home, and Game 7 is at home.  How could they possibly go out there and let down those fans?  Well my friends, they have throughout the playoffs and Saturday will be no different.  While that arena and those fans will be absolutely electric, they will not be enough to help the Pacers over their slump.  Hibbert is just too important to the success of that defense and unless he drinks some of MJ’s “Secret Stuff” before this game, I do not expect to see some miraculous turn around from him in this game.  The only hope for the Pacers right now is that they have Game 7 be very similar to that of Game 6.  If they can somehow hang around and capitalize on late mistakes from the Hawks, like they did in Game 6, then they might have a chance.  However, as it stands right now, this Pacers team is nowhere near the team they were in the first half of the season and with all of the slumps that the players, minus George and West, are experiencing, I do not see the Pacers advancing past a very hot Atlanta Hawks team led by Millsap and Teague.


Match-up two: Grizzlies at Thunder

Memphis Grizzlies v Oklahoma City Thunder - Game Two

This was supposed to be THE match-up on Saturday, but because of shenanigans by Zach Randolph, the fans of basketball have been deprived of that.  Very similar to the Pacers and Hawks match-up, this series has been back and forth throughout.  One difference is that the Thunder are not in a rut, as are the Pacers.  The other difference is that the Memphis Grizzlies are a much better team than the Hawks and the reason the Grizzlies are doing so well against the Thunder is because they match-up well against them.  The front court pairing of Randolph and Gasol is a nightmare for any team, but with the Thunder only having Ibaka to guard two players, it makes things very hard.  The Thunder have found new life thanks to one idiotic news reporter who decide to call Durant, “Unreliable.”  I do not know if he did it on purpose just to make KD angry, but it worked.  KD had a stellar Game 6 and Westbrook actually had a great game, not just because he was scoring, but also he made the right decisions on most plays.  Scott Brooks also shuffled the line-ups to try to confuse Memphis and it seems to have worked.

Prediction: Thunder win 102-87

This game is going to be very similar, if not worse for the Grizzlies Game 6 they played.  As I hinted at early, thanks to Zach Randolph punching Steven Adams, the crucial big man for the Grizzlies is going to be suspended for Game 7.  This is huge because Randolph was very much a part of why the Thunder were having so many issue matching up with the Grizzlies.  Not only will Randolph be out, but KD will still be angry.  I expect him to shoot slightly more efficiently in Game 7, and with that I also expect him to go for more than 40 points.  The The Thunder have all the momentum and are heading home to finish a now less intimidating Grizzlies team.  The only way that the Grizzlies can keep up with the Thunder is if their bench steps up big, they play amazing defense, and they can get KD in foul trouble.  It may seem like I am joking, but I am not.  This is literally everything the Grizzlies have to do to have a shot at being the Thunder, but with so much to do and therefore more chance at errors, I expect the Thunder to advance.


Match-up three: Warriors at Clippers

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Los Angeles Clippers

I am going to first start off by saying that the refereeing better be light years better in this Game 7.  In Game 6, these teams were getting called for some of the most unbelievable calls I have ever seen, including David Lee getting an over-the-back rebounding foul with having inside position.  The refereeing has been bad in this playoffs, but the Game 6 of the Warriors and Clippers epitomized the short comings of this year.  Regardless, this is now going to be THE match-up to watch Saturday because when these two go at it, it gets scrappy and fun to watch.  The Warriors may have won Game 6, but they really will not have any momentum going back to LA since the Clippers could have just as easily won that game.  Mistakes were made by the Clippers that cost them the game and therefore with that getting cleaned up it will make for a tough match-up for the Warriors.  The Warriors are also without Andrew Bogut and possibly Jermaine O’Neal and without those two, and David Lee’s issue playing defense, it is going to make for a tough night.

Prediction: Clippers win 95-92

Ultimately, without any good defense in the front court will be the Warriors downfall.  This game will be close throughout because The Splash Brothers will keep it close, and the Warriors bench will match that of the Clippers.  Unfortunately, what I see happening in Game 7 is what nearly happened in Game 1.  Both of these games are going to be nearly identical except for the fact that there will not be any late turnovers and mistakes by Chris Paul and the Clippers.  Instead, what will happen is that Chris Paul will black out and pretend he is MJ and take over the game, making every bucket and that will be the end of the series.  CP3 almost did this in Game 1, but late mistakes cost him and his team the game.  Steph will end up having the last shot of this game, but as great of a 3PT shooter as he is, he will unfortunately miss this one in his very young and blossoming career.


Do you agree with the predictions?  Do you not?  Are you hoping that there will be some Game 7’s on Sunday like we are?  Whatever it is that you are thinking and feeling, please let us know!  We also ask that you Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and subscribe on Reddit.  If you are having any issues watching the games on your own TV, we have provided links on our website so that way you can stream it.


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