Taming Of the Bulls

The Wizards have not only shown that they can beat the Bulls, but they have also shown that they can hang with the best of them. But how did they do it? I could be both lazy and bitter by ending the article right now by dropping the D word. But as a basketball fan i have to give credit where it is due, the Wizards came to play and are on the verge of knocking the Bulls out of the playoffs, barring some extreme meltdown on the Wizards side of things. All of the Bulls fans (that are still left anyways) are left scratching their heads asking themselves ” How did this happen? We played so well during the regular season?”. And you would be right. At first I was going this article to condemn the fake Bulls fans who were all about the Bulls before game one and now they are on to other things. But I thought to myself this is an opportunity to teach you guys dynamics of basketball that can’t be seen unless shown to you. You want to know why the Wizards are making the Bulls look like a typical college basketball team? It’s because the Bulls are not a complete team.They are nowhere near the Bulls team that went to the eastern conference finals and there are a lot of things that needs to be done so they can get back on top.

If you want to piss me off, I would have caught you saying something along the lines of “We don’t need Derrick Rose, he is a bum!”. Want to know why that makes me upset? It tells me you don’t understand basketball very well. You see the Bulls can win  games without Derrick Rose. They will never win a championship without Derrick Rose. You see as I wrote in my playoff preview, the playoffs are a different beast than the regular season. The stakes are higher, the stage is bigger and the intensity is so much greater than a regular season game. When the Bulls beat the Heat in the regular season? Cool good for them. They outplayed the Heat for one night. Imagine the Bulls having to beat the Heat 4 out of 7 times in a week? Changes your perspective on that single win right? The Bulls need Derrick Rose (or Carmelo) because they need a scorer. The Bulls are an awful offensive team. The points the score usually are not organic meaning that they can not just draw up a play and expect a bucket, but rather score because the opposing teams defense breaks down.



When Derrick Rose is the on the court, he provides the Bulls with a reliable source of offense. That means all of you who are looking to get Nate Robinson back do not understand that Nate is not a consistent player you can give the ball to and say “Give me points” he is a firecracker – he will either explode or be a dud, and more often than not he is a dud. D.J Augustine is a good back up, but is still too inconsistent to hand the ball over and say take over this game. The Bulls lost this series because of their most glaring weakness, the lack of offense. With no rhythm in their offense, the Wizards were able to get to big starts, often having 1st quart scores of 30-17. That fast start is simply from the Bulls poor shooting percentages to which the Wizards have been able to capitalize into fast break points.

The Bulls are also playing with a 7 man rotation. They have been playing with a 7 man rotation all season. To the people who are upset that Tom Thibodeau is playing players like Jimmy Butler, or D.J too much I ask you this? Who else can he put in? The players the bulls signed from free agency at the end of the season where not players the Bulls added to contribute, but rather to be insurance in case players got hurt in the playoffs. The Bulls do not have the luxury of the bench mob, and as a result Thibs can not go very far into the bench because there isn’t enough trust. Believe me, the only reason why Snell plays is because Dunleavy doesn’t have gas in the fourth. Bulls need to keep players like D.J. and Taj and focus on building a better bench mob. So then where do the Bulls go from here?


That my friend is a very good question.  It starts with the draft. The Bulls have the number 16 pick and 19th pick. I don’t care for the 19th pick but i do care about the 16th pick. The Bulls should pick up P.J Hairston. (Who?) Yeah if you don’t know who he is, that is fine. Not a lot of people would because he didn’t play in college last year. You can read a little on his story here, but needless to say the guy can score buckets and if it wasn’t for him getting kicked out of UNC could have been a lottery pick. He is a great shooter and good rebounder for a player his size. They Bulls would greatly benefit from a player like this because he is good at creating an offense.


The Bulls need to then get Carmelo Anthony. Melo will give the Bulls the scoring boost that is long sought after. Melo is a great rebounder as well, giving the bulls height. While getting Carmelo here may be a challenge, i believe that Chicago would be the most effective place for Melo to get a ring. Part of me believes he will come because James Dolan is not making things easy in New York for anybody. Melo will push the Bulls the from playoffs to champion contender, and he could do that quickly.


The Bulls need to get rid of Boozer. Enough said on that one.

Last thing the Bulls need to do? Allow Derrick Rose to be a point guard first, scoring guard second. This will allow Derrick to get back into the swing of the NBA and also be a great assets to have if Melo does come to Chicago. I do believe that Rose will have to tone down his play until he can get a proper footing on the court and a better feel for the team because one thing is definite –  this will be a foreign team to Derrick Rose now 3 years removed from his injuries. One saving grace is that A) when he did play the question of lost speed was answered B) his injury was in his other knee C) he technically has had 3 years to recover from a torn ACL, something that no player in any sport has done. D) a torn Mencius is a minor injury. The Bulls have a lot of work to do this off-season. To be honest with you all, i am relieved that they are on the verge of being bounced because each game they play is painful and frustrating.  This isn’t the style of basketball I would want the Bulls to win with. They have a good core of players and will continue to do build over the next couple of years. The Bulls success will really hinge on where Carmelo goes. I guess we will just have to wait.

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