Rampaging Rants: Racism

Welcome back to Post Up.  We are going to step away from the playoffs to talk about not only a big issue in basketball, but a big issue in all of society.  So without further waiting, let us get started.



You people, now those are some hefty words.  When those words are used together, it is always in a negative context.  When Mr. Sterling uses these words, he means to separate himself from others and show that his people are better than that of other groups of people.  Therefore he will say, those people or you people, in order to show dominance and as if he is of a higher calling.  I COMPLETELY agree with the use of these phrases by that definition.  YOU PEOPLE are disgusting, and a disgrace to this Earth.  YOU PEOPLE should not be allowed in the same buildings as us.  YOU PEOPLE should be separated from MY PEOPLE because YOU PEOPLE are a low-life piece of scum that does not deserve to be near me.  America, we need to wake up and fix this issue!  We need to reinstate separate water fountains, businesses, buses,  restaurants etc. so THOSE PEOPLE are not near us anymore.  Why do we need to do this?  Well I already said, THOSE PEOPLE are animals, they are no better than a monkey.  Not only are they no better than animals, but THOSE PEOPLE all look the same too, I cannot tell them apart.  YOU PEOPLE should not be allowed to marry OUR WOMEN!  YOU PEOPLE should not be allowed to have the same opportunities as MY PEOPLE!  THOSE PEOPLE do not deserve equal rights!  THOSE PEOPLE do not deserve any form of civil rights!!!!




Breath.  I realize that most of you are probably extremely worked up right now because of the opening paragraph and to be honest, I hope you are.  I hope that before I made my motives clear to you that I offended you, insulted you, I hope I hurt you.  Why you may be asking?  Because that is how I FEEL, when jag-offs like Mr. Sterling are allowed to get away with something like this.  THOSE PEOPLE, those racists, are a disgrace to this Earth and the people of this Earth.  HIS PEOPLE do not deserve the time of day to be discussed like we are unfortunately forced to do.  I wish that HIS PEOPLE would not ever do these things because it is HIS PEOPLE that are holding the world back.

Why is it that in our society we cannot get along?  What is it that make HIS PEOPLE so bitter that they have to take it out on others.  What amazes me is that he has not only been lying about his true self all these years, but that he has even received awards for being an advocate for Afro-Americans.  How evil could you possibly be that you can pretend to help others for your own advancement and public image, and then later that day with your own private circle, ridicule and insult those same people because they are of a different skin color?  He is not the only example of this in today’s society however.



People all over the world seem to have an inclination to insult others because of what skin color they have.  This photo above happened just this weekend where a fan decided to throw a banana at Barcelona defense-men Dani Alves because he is black.  There are unfortunately numerous reports of racism in sports like the one above, and even more unfortunately, countless other incidents that happen but go unreported.  Racism has become such an issue that UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) and FIFA (Federation International Football Association) took up a campaign called, “Say No To Racism” to stop the chants and acts of racists individuals about 8 years ago.  Since then, racists remarks have been relatively curbed, especially because those individuals if caught, could be banned not only from any sporting events, but receive jail time and a fine.  But again, it will never go away because of the ignorance of those few people.



This quote above is why I love sports and what it has created.  This quote from this beautiful MAN is what inspires me to do what I do everyday.  This quote and THIS MAN is everything to me and I hope one day to repay it back.  This quote and THIS MAN speaks so many truths.  THIS MAN is MY IDEAL.  Yeah, I am not afraid to say it.  I am a white male, I have a very close Indian friend.  I have Mexican and Asian friends.  Some of my closest friends are Italian, Irish, Jewish, French, and Polish.  My girlfriend has some German in her.  One of my dearest friends and partner with Post Up is black.  My idols range from Nelson Mandela, to Michael Jordan, to Magic Johnson, to Devin Hester, to Calvin Johnson (Megatron), to Robert Griffin III, to Miguel Cabrera, to Torii Hunter, to Jose Fernandez, to Jackie Robinson, to Wayne Rooney, to Ryan Giggs, to Paul Scholes and they are all white or Black or Latino or whatever.  Why is it that I am forced to bring up that these players are white or black or blue.  Why can I not just say that I respect and idolize THESE PEOPLE.  That is all we are at the end of the day.  WE ARE PEOPLE.  I am no different from you nor you me.  I deserve no advantage in life because I am white and neither do you because of your skin color.  Everyone deserves an equal chance at everything, equal rights at everything and above all else EQUAL RESPECT AT EVERYTHING.

It is because of individuals like Nelson Mandela, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Martin Luther King Jr., Jackie Robinson, Pee Wee Reese, Fernando Valenzuela and countless others that have worked throughout their careers to break down the walls of racism that we are now disgusted at the sight of racism, instead of encouraged by it.  We are moving along as a society, and soon one day we may be at the point where we do not see color, and only see people.  I hope and pray that I will be alive to see that day where words like monkey, nigger, chink, gook, dot head, beaner, etc. are not words that we use anymore.



Some may say that in countries like the United States, this would be an infringement on freedom of speech, and it just might be.  However, I am not here to force you to stop using those words or spreading that hate, I am not here to force you to do anything.  All I am doing is asking a simple question, why not?   Why not try to make our world a better place?  Why not try to make a legitimate change to this world that could truly do some good?  Why not make OUR world a more beautiful place?

Ultimately, people like Mr. Sterling are going to receive justice whether it is by due process, karma, God, coincidence or whatever you believe.  People that spread hate will always be given their just desserts.  It is because of this that I would also like to say that justice will occur and do not get violent.  As cliché as it may seem, resorting to violence will not make anything better.  What makes a difference is being nonviolent, and strong in the ideals that you believe in, such as what MLK Jr. and Gandhi did.

This is obviously a bigger issue then just sports can handle.  Sports alone cannot go out and punish all those that commit hate crimes.  Sports cannot go out and stop a rapper from dropping the word nigger in every other verse of his hit song.  Sports cannot stop the average person from removing those words and that hate from their vocabulary.

But why can’t sports be the starting point?  Nelson Mandela said it best, that sports can unite all and break down racism.  So why can’t we see all leagues adopt a “Say No To Racism” campaign?  Why can’t we see our idols go out and campaign against racism and racist words.  Athletes pull so much power and respect that if enough started to get behind it, a real difference could be made.

Why can’t we make a difference?



Usually at this point I will ask you to debate us on what we have written and give use feedback.  I would usually ask you to like us on Facebook, follow on Twitter and subscribe on Reddit, but for this article, I do not ask of that.  With this article, I beg and implore you to please share this article.  I beg that you show this to others and if you do not want to do that then at least talk to others about this.  Make a difference in this world and try to help the good people of this world to get rid of people like Mr. Sterling, and his ideas that do nothing but harm our society.


To every single human being out there, all I have to say is this:

Thank you, thank you for being YOU.

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