Rampaging Rants: Erik Spoelstra

Welcome back to the Post Up!  Recently with the beginning of the NBA Playoffs, we have been analyzing who we think will win each match-up and also looking at if teams should be worried about what happened in their first games.  However, we are going to leave this all behind today and dive into a new segment called, Rampaging Rants.  In this new segment of articles, we will be looking at a certain topic that has us all fired up and then diving into a blacked out rampage on how we feel about that topic.


So without further adieu, let us get blinded with rage!


This Weeks Topic: Erik Spoelstra


Ah yes, let me tell you guys, I have been waiting for this one for a while because nothing upsets me more in the entire NBA than Erik Spoelstra and the treatment he gets.  Let me tell you guys something that you may or may not already believe.  ERIK SPOELSTRA IS NOT A GOOD COACH!

“What how can you say that!?! He has a winning record every year and has two championships to his name!” said Spoelstra fans everywhere.

I am going to stop you all right there because that is the biggest bunch of crap this side of the Mississippi River.  Just because Erik Spoelstra has a winning record every year does not make him good.  From the 2010-2011 season up through this season you really cannot look at his record.  Why?  Oh, I don’t know, maybe because he has LEBRON JAMES THE BEST BASKETBALL PLAYER ON THIS EARTH!  You still don’t think those season should be avoided?  Okay, while you are at that, make sure to give Mike Brown a call for me would yeah?

Exactly, that was what I thought, so now that you are all done defending those seasons, let’s look at the TWO seasons he had before LeBron, and only had Wade to his name.

  • First season as head coach: 43-39, 2 games above .500
  • Second season as head coach: 47-35, 6 games above .500

“Wow, see!  He is still doing pretty well, after all this was early on in his career.”

No, no, no, no, no, no, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  Honestly, let’s look at this a little closer, okay?  First off, he finished 2 and 6 games above .500 with Dwayne Wade in his prime and in the Eastern Conference, is it really that special, I don’t think so.  Those teams grant it were not that good, but if Spoelstra is the Hall of Fame coach that I hear about all the time, then why are they struggling to finish above .500.  Look at coaches like Tom Thibodeau or Jeff Hornacek who this year had very similar teams and yet they both finished 7 games above .500.

“Well, that’s a game compared to his second year, you have no argument over a game.”

Welllllll, let me put it to you this way, did Thibodeau have a scorer like Wade on his team?  No.  Did Thibodeau even have a good offense?  No, worst in the league actually.

Let’s go again!  Did Hornacek have a scorer or a team close to what Spoelstra had? No, but Dragic became one…YES EXACTLY HE BECAME ONE! Because Hornacek made him better!  Did Hornacek play in the Eastern Conference?  No, and if he did then he would’ve had the same playoff spot Spoelstra did in his second year except with a game in hand.


Another thing that bothers me about Spoelstra is that he is by no means a leader in that locker room.  Sure, he is the coach, but he is more a puppet than anything else.  If Spoelstra cannot figure something out, turn to Pat Riley.  If things are not working how they are supposed to be, Pat Riley will fix it.

“Well Spoelstra is great at managing all those big personalities like Jackson was.”

Hardly.  The difference is that with Jackson, he had Jordan who was not nearly as concerned about his teammates as LeBron is.   If there is a player issue, LeBron will call a meeting.  If there is a bonding moment to be had, LeBron will invite all the players over to his house for a party.  Heck, early into the first season of the Big 3, there was a reported rift in the locker room and a lot of players wanted Spoelstra out.  So much for being able to manage those personalities…


The last and biggest issue I have with Spoelstra is that this guy was gone!  In the two seasons before the playoffs, he lost in 7 and lost in 5.  Dwayne Wade was willing to ditch that team to go anywhere that LeBron did.  The fans wanted him gone and there was also a rift in the locker room where senior players wanted him gone.  Then all of a sudden, LeBron comes in and fixes everything and now everyone thinks he is the best or second best coach in the league!?!  I’m sorry but how many Coach of the Year awards has he won?  Oh yeah, none.  If this guy is so good, he should have been able to win at least on by this point, even with a star-studded team.  Heck, Pop has always had that type of team and he just won his third!

Nothing fires me up more than seeing a guy that hardly does anything for his team’s success and still is treated like the coming of a love child between Phil Jackson and Gregg Popovich.  I could be wrong (I doubt it), but Spoelstra may turn out to be a good coach.  When he finally loses his players like LeBron, Wade, and Bosh, if he can take his team and carry them to records like Hornacek did this year, then yes he will be considered a good coach.  But until then, he is a sham and fake.  In my humble opinion, Sidney Lowe in that role could do just as well.


Do you agree with this rant, do you not? How is it going in your world today?  Let us know anything and everything you feel about theses posts, and stuff you would like for us to talk about at a later date.  We ask that you like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and subscribe on Reddit.




All stats and info courtesy of espn.com, basketball-reference.com, and wikipedia.org

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