Post Up Give Away! 2 Copies of NBA 2k14!

It has been 2 weeks since we started this blog, and the response, support and attention we have been getting in that time has been amazing. We know it is a cliché, but we are extremely grateful for just having the opportunity to be able to write out our thoughts and have people respond and read them. We don’t want to slow down, we want to keep on going. As a thank you for the support so far, we are doing the first of many, and I mean many giveaways.  We are dishing out 2 copies of NBA 2k14 for the system of your choice(both current gen and next-gen consoles included).  The giveaway opens tomorrow Friday April 18,2014 at 9:00 EST and will end Saturday April 26,2014 at 1:00 am EST.   Keep in mind that we have an extremely small fan base, so the chances of winning are super high. But like everything in life, there is a catch. You have to meet some of the following requirements.

1) Live in the continental United States. (I promise we will have a competition for our international readers, just be patient!)

2)  Like our Facebook page and Twitter( if you like  or follow today, Thursday  April 17 2014, it still counts, you don’t have to wait for Friday.)

3) Retweet and/or Share at least 3 post in the duration of the contest. (you have to share or retweet 3 different posts that are created within the week of the contest on 3 different days.)

That’s about it. Also as an added bonus, the first 103 likes on our Facebook page and first 27 twitter followers will win a prize that will be named in the future, so don’t unfollow or unlike the page if you want to win better prizes. why 103 and 27? Because. that’s why.

Thank you guys and help us get better by leaving feedback. Have a great Thursday!

-Post Up Team

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