Draft Preview Vol. 1: Andrew Wiggins

Is it me, or does this season in  the NBA seem a bit out of balance? You have great teams like the Pacers,the Heat, the Thunder, the Spurs etc. Then you have the putrid in the Bucks and the 76ers who may not even win 20 games this season. Yes, this is nothing new; the East has had  a team with 20 wins or less consistently since the end of the  09-10  season. The West has only had two years with a team finishing with less than 20 wins in 09-10 and 10-11 seasons.  A large part of that reason  is because how the draft works. At the Post Up we already had a piece written about  the possibilities of changing the way the conferences were designed. Reasoning behind that suggestion is what we see happen year in and year out- good teams like the Suns, the Grizzlies, and the  Mavericks have records of  44+ wins and are all fighting for that last playoff spot. Which is crazy because as of today, 44 wins in the east gives  you  number 3 seed. In the East the Knicks are in the 8th seed with a record of 33-43. So what does this mean then?

Teams that tank on purpose or teams that do not try to put an effort into winning are more likely to stay mediocre. You want to know something odd? The team that has the worst record in the NBA has only gotten the number 1 draft pick once in the last 5 years- The Cavs in the 2011 draft. It was not even their pick, it was a pick acquired from the Clippers. Their actual pick was number #4. Every season you have the teams that don’t have superstars or don’t have a good core of young players ended up opting for the tank just because their might be a franchise changing player early in the draft. Teams like the Bucks who always seem to be in the bottom half of the league have not won the 1st round draft pick in a very long time. Teams like The Hawks, who would benefit from  having a top 10 draft pick may not get the chance because of how many other teams played so poorly. The Hawks have a record of  32-42.

My point for this article is to just pose a question that will hopefully start a debate. Is tanking worth it? Especially considering the talent that will be available  this year? A lot of NBA scouts and experts have been stating that there can be quality picks found up to the 12th or 13th pick, which is pretty deep for a 1st round draft. But are some of these players really franchise changing players? What will be in this next series of posts are a scouting reports of touted draft prospects. If you are a fan of a team that has a decent chance of getting the number 1 draft pick, I want you to see what Andrew Wiggins strengths and weaknesses are and try to see if he will be a fit with your team then post of comment stating why or why not present player is worth tanking for.

Photo provided by ESPN.com

Andrew Wiggins

If you have not heard the name by now, then allow me to explain to you who and what Andrew Wiggins is all about. I remember the first time I watched Andrew Wiggins about 3 years ago on YouTube when he was in high school. Watching the way he abused teams it was clear this kid was heading to the NBA. Fast forward to his senior year, and NBA scouts are now drooling at the fact that they can have this kid. Wiggins had the privilege of playing on a pretty good Jay Hawks team with Joel Embid by his side and has made his case for why he should be number 1. Here is a basic scouting report on Wiggins provided by DraftExpress.com.

Wiggins is has the capacity to score 20 points or more due to his incredible ability to score. He isn’t an excellent ball handler but is really explosive to the basket. This may be in large part to Wiggins 7’0 wing span. In terms of players his body resembles, Kevin Durant would be the first comes to mind. His ability to get to the basket is very good, although he does not like taking contact – still he is a 78% free throw shooter. As it stands right now, Wiggins offensive skill set is still pretty raw. He can shoot with his feet set or off the dribble, but suffers from poor shot selection most notably taking long contest 3 point shots. Regardless, he shoots 34% from behind the arch and  can score in bunches. On defense Wiggins has shown signs of improvement over the past season, showing that he can become an elite defender as he has great lateral speed coupled with his long reach and quick feet. The biggest knock on his game however is his lack of aggressiveness. At times he seems passive and laid back but is at his best when he forces the issue. This is something that he will hopefully develop into. Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose both had similar attributes when they came into the league as well. Overall, Wiggins athleticism and scoring skill is why he may be the most coveted draft pick. If you have never seen Wiggins play, or have not seen enough, I highly suggest watching the video below to get a better idea of what he is capable of.

Wiggins is no doubt going to be a good NBA player. He is an odd mix of NBA players but mainly reminds me of a young Tracy McGrady and if he could resemble the kind of player Tracy McGrady was  then will have a very good career. So what do you think Post Up readers, is Wiggins the real deal or is he too much of a project to say that he is a franchise player? After all  he is good enough for Drake to give him a shout out on his latest song, “Draft Day” which I have been playing everywhere I go. Anyways  let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit what you guys think.

All Stats, pictures ,videos  and information were provided by ESPN.com and DraftExpress.com

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