Mock NBA Award Show Part 1: COY

So the end of this basketball season is approaching and the beginning of the playoffs is right around the corner. This NBA season has been relatively drama free, yet some very good basketball has been played all around.  With that said, there has been some badly played basketball (I’m looking at you Philly and Minnesota) . For my first official post, I thought it would be fun to make a mock award show for the end of the year awards that will be handed out in the next month or so. This is not a new concept but i thought it would be more interesting to have an anti-award so we can recognize everyone in the league for their greatness along with the pitfalls. (Still looking at you Philly and Minnesota). For the coach or player that performed the best, they win a Cocoa Butter award, because we all love Cocoa Butter and to the worst of the worst they will win the Fubar award. Lets get  on with this list, because everybody loves lists.


 Cocoa Butter Coach of the Year:

Tom Thibodeau

CT ct-spt-0121-bulls-lakers-chicago-012.JPG

I am die hard Bulls fan. I realized this when I started this, removing bias is going to be really, really difficult.  Yet I  dont care because there has to be  something said about the work that Tom Thibodeau has done coaching this team and not just  alluding to this season, but since he has arrived at Chicago. Let be honest people – Thibs is the best coach the bulls have had since Phil Jackson and that is not bad company to be around.  I could bring numbers into this to prove my point – like how his win percentage is .654 in the first four years of not just being with the Bulls, but coaching in general. I could also point out the fact that he has taken this team to the playoffs, and reaching the Eastern Conference Finals once. However, all that is history. What you want to know is why he should win it now.

There was high hopes for the Bulls this season. Derrick was coming back, it it appeared that all of the Bulls offensive problems would be taken care of. When he had gotten hurt, things looked pretty grim for the Bulls, yet not having Derrick Rose last season really prepped the Bulls for how to play without him. Its the creed that Tom lives by – Defense, defense, with a little defense on that defense. Let me tell you, Thibs has this team playing very good defense. The Bulls allow the 2nd least amount of points and are in the top ten in rebounds per game. This is nothing new. What makes Tom Thibodeau the COY is brilliant use of Jokiam Noah and Taj Gibson- two defensive players that out of the blue decided to become the offense for the Bulls, Noah showing off his best Brad Miller impersonation and Gibson playing better than the multi-million dollar paper weight, or Carlos Boozer. If you had told anyone after Derrick Rose was injured if you thought the Bulls would reach the number 3 seed in the east, even though the east isn’t all that impressive, i would have laughed in your face. If you have told me the same thing with the added fact that Deng was traded, i would have slapped you for insulting me. Yet here we are, bulls are the number 3 seed, and based on whats left on their schedule, could actually win 50 games this season.

It feels like i am watching Bad News Bears sometimes, but i love every minute of  it, every cocoa buttery minute.


Fubar Coach of the year.

Mo Cheeks

Maurice Cheeks, Brandon Jennings

Aside from his hilarious name, Mo Cheeks had nothing to laugh about this season in Detroit. The season started out with so much promise. In the off-season, the Pistons had made the big free agent signing of Josh Smith, and making the trade to get Brandon Jennings, the budding point guard that was the only thing to smile about in Milwaukee. They had the very strong promise of both Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe, and at the time looked  like the Pistons where going to have the strongest front court in the league. But then reality reared it ugly head, and man let me tell you it wasn’t pretty.

First of all, Josh Smith is as much of an asset as he is a risk. He is a power forward that has the athletic skill of a shooting forward. He is a great defender, and great rebounder. His weakness? He isn’t a very good shooter. Which strikes me in a funny way because he has no idea he cant shoot. If he did, he wouldn’t take the ill-advised shots he has made a career out of. Brandon Jennings has not performed the way most had expected, as playing with a high quality of players has made him recess in aggressiveness. Lets not forget the odd combination of Smith,Drummond, and Monroe, as Smith is moved to the 3 position, making them one of the better rebounding teams yet perform very poorly on defense, free-falling further into the bottom third of the league in points allowed.  This team plays too much one on one basketball, a la Jennings and Smith, and now find themselves way out of playoff contention then where they started the season. It’s no wonder Mo got fired-he has a defensive oriented team and has them playing an offensive style of basketball. The Pistons had, and still have a whole lot of potential. See teams like the 76ers and the Bucks play bad because they don’t have bad teams. Those coaches are excused from the Fubar because they didn’t really have high expectations. Based on the talent Mr. Cheeks had to work with, his team should have at least made the playoffs. Personally i think that have a better team then Charlotte and Washington. But if you cant make the playoffs in the East, you have to start looking for some heads to roll **cough** NEW YORK **cough**


Mike Woodson, you were close, but the Fubar goes to Mo(daious) Cheeks. All hail the Fubars!



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